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Picking The Ears

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Dr. Hall says "pickiug the ears" is a most niischievoua praetice ! in attempting to do this v.'itli hard substancfs, an unlucky motion has mauy a time piorced the drum ; ïothing sbiirper nor harder than tlie end of the little finger, with the nail pared, ought ever to ba iutroduced into the ear, uuless by a phvsician. Persons are of'ten geen endeavoriog to remove the wax of the ear wilh the head of a pia ; this ought never to bc done ; first, bccause it not auly endangers the rupture of the ear by being puthed too far in, but if not so far it mny grate against the drum, excite iti■flamatiun and an ulcer wliich will finnlly eat all the parta away, espccitilly of a Borofulous constitatiou ; eecond, hard substances havo slipped in acd Otrnsed the DecèSfity of painful operat i i s tn Báh r cut nut ; third, the wax is manufacturad by nature to gtiard th entrauce ftcin dut, iusects, and uninoditied cold air, and whon it has e ubserved its purpose it becomes dry, sculy, ligfat and in this conditicn ia easilj-pushed outtidö by tew formation of wax within. Occasionally was may barden and may interfero wilh the heaiing; bul, wlicn this i tí e case, it is the part ot wisdom to consult a physiciau and let hitn decide whát is tho remedy ; if one caunot be had, tho ouly safu plao is to let fall into the ear tlnee or iour drop of tepid water, night aml morning ; the saliva is botter stiil, for it is iofter and more penetrating, but glycerine is fur preferabie to êither ; it is onc of the blaudust lluids iu Nature, and very rapidly peuetrates the hardened waz, cools the parts, and restores them to a bealtbful coiuütion. If in a week thora is not a decidid iniprovettient in the hearing, medical advico ought to bo had at once, as ïiext to the eye, the ear is the mosl delicate organ of tho body.


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