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An Indian Trick

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The followmg letter from a soldier ün he Plains to a friend in Milwaukee, is trinted in tho Eteniny Wisconsin of ihat city : "We are after tbc Indians hot blaat, and I teil you, the man who picks these 'ellows up for dogaus finds himself wofully deceivcd. A part of our troop ïad been on trail of a smnll band of Sioux, and they had dodged us, and :eat us, until we determiued to have them, and it appeared, so Buddenly, too. that there was no chance for them to escape, Eacli man seatcd himself sijuarely in bis saddle, aud witb revolver n band we dashed en. There squat each identical Sioux ou his pony just as though we wero miles away, and as stoioally indifferent as though they didn't care a contineutal. As we, at full gallop drew oear, theofficcr in command lelt tfiat w; werc iidii:j: into gome trap, but it was too late to sound a retreat, and 011 we w ent ''I thiuk tlie instauro hetgeen us and the Sioux and their ponies was just twelve feet, before a siiitlu rt-dskin bad moved aniuscle; from the shoulders of pnch dentical iáiuux camu the fiery red bianket ho wore, and up aud down it wus shaken vignrously in the very faces of our horses. We had boasted a ireat deal over tliose horses, and thcy would do anything uve wanted them to - that say, [fiey would drive through a ]ir;iirie fire, alongside a bull buffalo, ibrüiigli a prairie 'Jog village, and over dead Indiana, but I tull you, you ought to liave scfn thetn, to a horse, tura tail and run from those blankets. We were getting alotig so nicely, and eauli trooper was so eager to íuako a ccad sure tliing of his redskin, that wo let the liorses have tlicir own wrty, ar.d we repeiitud of it. Just as fi ighlcncd as tlicy could be, they paid no attention to curb, and nway tliey went in evory direction. 'TiMopcrss wi;re pprawüng on the ground and others were clinging to Horses' manes, with both feet not only out of the s!irrup8, but pointing up in tlic air. It was the worst stainpede I ever aaw, and I have looked at 'gome' in nij' doy. If the Sioux had followed up, thcy might have made a few Boalpt, but they reeiuüd so well pleased willi tho rosu!t of the 'riek that those who wcre u:horsed near thcm say thoy di?appt':ircd as if' thcy had gone down through the jefttbí V beu our troop assumbled, we, one and all, dèolared ihat the thing was the bet of'iho k:nd over heard ot', but determined thut v,o would pay thom back fur t one of tlicso dajs, aud wc wilL"


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