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Further Details Of The Death Of Lopez

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Tho closing scènes of the dcath and burial of Lupfz are giren by a Kio Jaceiro correspondent of the New York Jlerald, uuJor dnte of April Ztb, and are HDgnUrly iniiching. It appears tha'. the General ured iuto an arnbush, a short ciistancc fron bis oaiLp, by Gen. amera, wko, upoa Isarning of the suffering oondicon of -the poorly armed 1'aiaguayan.i, poured a terrible art'llery fire into Loicüí. camp-, Tho slaugbter was friphtful, and in a íew minutes it was qw 'peut. Lopes; nitli his stafi' aad a few of liis boJy guard, made a desperate tUtemjit to escape by swimwing a streain located aboufc ono milo liom his headqnarters. In hia fliglit to tbia la&t retort for bil life, Lopex was woundedby corporal of cavalry, and bis protociors weja cut down almost to-a man. When ho reached the stream, boynnd which was a thickut, ho tLrew hiinelf f rom Lis horno, waded it, but was to exbauatcd thut tie feU bslf faiatiug on the oppositn bank. There the Br. - 1 zilian Getiernl sumiuoned liini to surre - der, and on his striking with bis sworr1, orderod hiiu to be dis.iruied, which a scaroely done when Lope, died. Neur by a sballow grave w;s dua; for him ; - but o:? Mrs. Lyncli boing broulit back with the body of tlKÍr son, Oul. Frauciaoo Lopez, who was slain while onmmanding en escort protecúug Mrs. Lynch's fliglit, and wlioui the nnd her daughters auJ son hal taken up otd waslied, they dug a deop grave with tho aid of tho lids of cigar buxos, and deposited Lopez's body at tho bottcm and abcvo him tbat of ttie son.


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