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To Make Screws Hold

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Where screws are driven into soft wood, subjectcd to a considerable strain, tbey are very likely to work locse ; ai.d many linies it i very diffieult to make lbem holtl. In sucb cases we have alwaya found tbo use cf glue piofitable. - Preparo tko gluo tliuk; inmersa a stick about half the size of tbo screiv, and put it into tbe hole ; then immerse the scrcw, aad drivo it home as quickly as possible. When there is soine árdele of furniture to bo repaired, and no glue is to bo had handily, insert the stick, then fill the rest of the cavity with pulverized rosin, then heat the ecrew sufficieat to melt the rosin as it g driveu fn. Choirs, tables, lounges, etc, are cootinu-lly gettigg out of order in every house; niid tbe time to repair the break is wIkti first noticed. If noglccted, the matter grows stül worse, and finally resulls in the laying by of the furniture as worthlcBs. Whero screvrs are driven into wood for temporary purposes they can be removed niuch easier by dipping lliem in oil beforo insurting - TVben buying serewi1, notice wliat you are getting ; for there aro poor na well as goo.d kimls. See thut lbo hcads are couud and wtll cu.t ; that there aro no flaws in tlie body or thread part, and that tbey havo good gimlct points. A Bcrew of one wake will drive iuto oak as eosy as otlurs into pino, and enduro baviiig twioo the forco brought ogaiust il. - Ohto i armer.


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