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Tbe vietorious American yacht Sapho is said to be one of the fintst, ablest nd fastêst of all American or English aclits. Her dimensions are : length of ;eel, 113 feet; length on water line, 12.3 feet; leogtk on deck, 125 feet; ongth over all, J54.8 feet; beam, 27 eet ; depth of bold, 11 feet. Sbo draws welve feet of water aft and seven for?ard, carries a square sail, a stayeail, vvo gaff top paÜB and five lower saile, nd hns great buoyancy and stability of brm. both of which conie trom a good nodel and 65 tons of ballast, stowed vith fine judgment. In Ler model she surrics out tho American idea of coniiruction. Her bows re very long and 3ne, and her lines forward are nearly straight. Í3hc has very littlo eoccavity. Dnepeeuliarity forward is her bow;prit, which is built 'in her, thus Bccnrngonc-third more slrcngth tban bj the isual plin witk one-third less weigbt. [Ier stern is all dcad wood and drags io w:iter, leaving a narrow wake. Sha itands up we!l; is remarknbly quick in itays, is well 6parred and nearly ae strong as crystaüzed rock ; built, of oak, [ooust and hackma'.acl: ; finished on the interior witli a hardwood cabin, and in ívery respoct a gracefül and elegant ;raft. She was built by the Polier?, of IJrooklyn, New York, icr thoir own ïse, but was subsequoatly sold to Mr. Wm. Douglass, of New York ": Ihorougb yachtmxn. who. liy ího tODe 0Í :iis corroppondence uith his F"li?h ■al. ntnl tiie evident desire to obtain a füir triol "c bis sohooner, lias secnrsd the approval of all American yaohtmen. Safetj from mot La for fura oonsisís ia liiera undisturbed tbroogh sumi:nr in a unus, place. Muil boxea aro not socure. Tak ing them out occasion.liy to air expiases tliem to thft moth. to pepper, oampaor or tobacro isneedod ; alter yon !:::va woru them for tho Last limo in spring put them into a linón pillow-ci'sc, tie up tbe cdu in n tigbt knot, tnd sluit tbem up a a drawer wiiioh will not be oftun opened. A truo and fried presoriptiou. AsPARAOtlS PlOKLES. - Flii XOVT jir witb asparagus, m::ko a strong l-uue, pour it on hot. Whwa you wish tbem to be u-vil fQi picklo?. toko them ont aud bi'il tbem do-,a; then cover, them with viniar. They can a!so be nsed for sauce oy boiling tbem tesden and then buttor uj sea?on with salb and peppcr. Joph BilUngs says : ': I aJVayS advise phort SiTimuis rpporialiy on :i not Snn(!-'y. Tf a minister kapt etríko ile ia forty rciiiu'fíi l-o lias either got o. poof "iuiit -t Qt élse Uo is boriüg t tbe wrong ho'c."


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