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A Calculation For Taxpayers

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The Albany, N. Y., Argus presenta the taxpayers of the country with this most ngreeable calculation, by which they can more fully comprehend the enormity of the national dobt whioh oppresses ihem : ''The heart is bx inehes and fourtentha in diameter, and beats scventy times per minute, 4,200 times per liour, 100,800 times por day, 30,772,000 times por year, 2,r53,4l0,000 in three score and ten. The ciebt of the country refulting from the war being twenty-öve hundreil raillions of dollars, we can tUorefore mako a compaaison or estímate by heart beata of its stupeodousnoss. Thua, were a child oapabla at birth of commencing to pay or ooant out n dollar with every beat of bis heart, and continue eoun'.ing day and night, without intermission, un til exhauslion, and t-hreo score years and ten brought the weleome gravo in view, ho would havo only couuted tho total Bum by units." A Bold Challenge - Tho gontle Susan B. Anthony tluis addressed an audience of ladies iu New York the other day : Yon may ssy wbal you will of tho relations of this woman (Mrs. Richardson) and Albert D. Iliohardson, but if sho three or four pararaours il's no reason why íbo sltouldn't liavo juatice too; and if sny of you are disposed to judge her hashl}', alí I can eny is, " Let him that is without sin amoug you cast the firet stono at her." At the last accounts the etono throwin had not yet coiumeticed. It ü stuted that a few drops of cologne, belladonna or aconite, taken on a lutcp of eugar, two or threa times a day will give exceediDg brillianco to the oyes. Ju8t try it, girls, and goe how remarkably oon your frieuds will have to attend a funeral. The house of John AUcd, (the Wickedest Mao), in Water street, New York, is being demolished to ïnake wy for the Howard Mission.


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