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- The June íuunbcr of LippincoU's Mag aziie closes volume V. The table of con tenis leads ofl" with " Thomas Tyler's Tomb stonc," by Mary S. Walker, followed by ai [nstractlve artlcle by II. Hargrare, upoi " Paragnay and the L-opez Family." Tlie secoml paper of " The Virginia Tourist, does not (all to be of interest to the reader vvhile The Lizard Bracelet, The Kevolutioi al the South, Guessc3 and Queries, A Oliinpsc of San Francisco, The Coming Man, Our Judiciary, One In, a Ilundrtd amoug olliers, are readable. Sir Harrj Hotspur of Hnmbtewatte, by Anthony Trollope, continúes In interest, and Oui Alonthiy Gossip supplies the spice. $4 per year. J. B. LipriNCOTT & Co., Philadel ph ia. - The Oabixy, always on time, comes to hand Wlth a varied, readable and entertaining list of artieles, headed with two more chapters of " Put Yourself in his Place,' by Chas. Heade, nnrt followed by Tobaccopliagoi and Tobaccophagism, American Men and Knglishmen, Keeping the Cash Ten Years in Home, Two Women, Early Incidente of the Rebellion, Wood, etc. and last but not least, Mark Twaiu's " Mem oianda," calculated to ruakc the most fas tidious smile. $4 a year. Address, SnKL don ifc Co., New York. - The Jlours al Home for June lies upon our table, laden wlth its store of Ínter esting and entertainhig literature. lts flrs paper is the Unpubllshed Letters of Char lotte Bronte, followed by Garibaldi's Nov ella, Seth Boyden, Intimations, The Bronzt Horsesof Lysippus, Hcrces - Chaps. x.-xi. Education in Syria, The Song of Iïunaway Pond, "A Daughter of the Sultan," Iu Search 'oí a Child, Ilerr Paul's Story, Beau marcháis Story, Madame de Lafayette, &c f4 a year. Address Sckiuneu & Co., 05' Uroadway, Jí. Y. - The Catholic World has, among othcr papers : Mr. Froude's History of England Dion and Sibyls, (coutinued,) ; The Pope und the Council, by Janus; The Little Wooden Shoe; Cardinal Polc; The Young Vrermonters ; Catholicity and Pantheisra - IX.; Brittany : its People and its Poems Serald Gritrin; The First CEcumenical ouncil of the Vatican - V.; Foreign Lite rary Notes, etc. $5 per year. Address Luykknce KünoE, No. 9 Warren Street Sew York. - Alvvays frelghted wlth matter entcrtaining to the boys and girls, and often coutainiiig readable artlclea for the oldcr ones comes Our Young Fulks, and the June numbcr Is no exceptiou to the general rule. "We Girls: a Home Story," is continued by Mrs. WliHney ; Elizabeth Stuart Phelps contrlbutea " Trotty's Composltlona; while Brave Boys ; IIow Edgar Left Home; Bertie's Pioneering - m. ; üur Menagerie - in.; In Business Tor Ilimself', aud other articles tend to swell its tabic of contents. Fields, Osgood & Co., Publishcrs, Boston, f2 per year. - The Juue Atlantic opens Tfitli three more chaptevs of Joscph aud his Friends, by Bayard Taylor, and In vhich some of the characters seem to be developIng ; lias, Drives from a French Farm, by P. S. Ilammerton ; an essay on William Hazlitt, by H. T. Tuckerman ; French and English IUustrated Magazines, by Eugene Bcdsoq ; Oldtown Fireside Stories, by Mrs. Stowe ; The Correspondenee of Kapoleon Bonaparte, rather Partonish ; The English Governess at the Siamese Court, m. ; The Logic of Marriage and Murdcr, by Heury James ; Poems, Reviews, etc. This nuruber doses the 25th volume. $4 a year. Address Fiki.ds, Osgood & Co.j 124 Trcmont street, Boston. - The Ecleclic íor June is embellislisd wlth a steel portralt of Heury W'ard Bcecher, and its table of conteuts loclndes : Ge ological Theory in Ureat Britain, Edinburgh Review ; Colors of the Doublé Stars, Ut. PauVs; Chattcrton, Blackwood ; Leeturcs on the Science oí Religión, by Max Muller, [. ; The Place Where Light Dwelleth, Jlrila QuarUrly ; with lesser articles, poetry, irt notes, &c. A uew volume will begin with tlie July Issue. $5 a ycar. Address, E. R. Pelton, 108 Fulton strcetN. Y. - The June Sursery is a gem number, ivith pictures and stories and verses to picase the wee ones. We like to see a flve 'car old go through it. It is a rare treat. 1.500 a year. Address Joiin L. Shouky, 13 Washington street, Boston. - AHhur's lióme Magazine is welcomcd monthly to our tabie, and ahvays contains íomething readable, besides the fashion jUtes nnd illustrations. The June number ïas a good table of contenta. $2 a ycar. fVddress, T. S. Artiiür & Sons, Philadelahia. From the same we have the Childretït Uour, fllled with Iitt!e storics for little ears, ind pir.tures sure to attract tlie attention of ;he little oues. $1.25 per year. Addrcss is above. Dbxtzb. - Items here, as n Ann Arjor, are dccidedly scarce, seldom anything jeeurring out of the daily routine of busiïess whick may bo classed as an event. uite au iraprovement is belng made by 'rading the street leading from the depot ;o the business part of tho village. This mprovcment raeets with some opposition ïow, on account of the heavy tax wliich it ncurs, bat tbe appearance will be so mach jetter after it is completed that we are sure lothing can be said agaiust it. - The potato bas, which flrst made ts appearance some three years ago, upon he Pacific coast, has just commenccd opeations in this section, and lts ravages ire almost incrcdible. It is fearc 1 tliat ;he entire erop wlll bo cut ofl" this seaon. TVheat is reported in much better ;ondition than was expected from the serere winter which we had, and the spring ;ereals are gettlng a flne start. The fruit ;rop promises to be fully up to the average. - The Cantata of "The BurningShip" s now under practice by the singers of the tillado, under the leadership of Mr. W. J. Iexkixs, and is to bc brought out about ihe 20th of next montli. Floweus for Memorial Dav. - The sltlzena of Anu Arbor are requested to nakc donatious of bouquets lor tbc decoration : lst ward at the resideuce of C. Bliss. 2d " " " " P. Bach. 3d " " " " J. F. Miller. 4tli " " " " E.Lawrencc. 5th " " ' " F. Harria. ütli " " " " C. H. Millen. All okl soldier to asscmblc at the Sherif's Office, in the Conrt House, at 12 o'clock M., on Monday, May aOth. B. K. PORTER, Ch'a. of Com.


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