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Good For A Small Boy

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-At a recent exatiiination of an infaut school, aftor questions had boeD put about lbo ll's and the proficicncy of the juveniles had been creditably esubüshed, tho teacher addressed one Hule class with tbe in: quiry, " What are cows good for V" A little hand was imnu diately raised %o show that an answcr as ready, wbich was to tho effect that oows were good for milk. Another auswer was that cows woro good to cat. Afttr a momont's pause a f mail hand went up witb, a tremendouB " Well, Johnny, what ia it ?" "Their ohtomacth are good for tripe," ahouted the ypung sa: ruit, A comiuunicaüou froa Vipnna gtates thnt ulncc tho publioation in Au.stna of on Rpügioue Liberiy, a strange uinveiaeut luis aiiaeu iu Iho populatipn of that city. In tho c'ourso of lefs than ÍWO yeai'8 about r)80 persons of both hve sbjured Chrisüaiiity for thu Jewisfa faitii, mid theso pro'. íbíods ar on the iocreue.


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