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How To Procure Neep

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Many years ügo a curioua plan for procuring sleep was announced as a great diiooTery by a Mr. Gsrdner. As this jlan made ome ooise at the time, and waa reported to have Beldotn or Dever failed, we shall give a full description of it. Testimoniáis of the cfficacy of this metbod were published by Mr. Garduer, fl-om bis Eoyal Higbnessthe late Prince Albert, Sir F. Buxton, Bart, Sir W. (Jockburn, Mr. Sheridan Knowles, and other men of eminence. It may, then, be iome of our readers may owe us a debt of gratitude for once more placing the priceleis Messing of sleep withiu their ïoaoh upon easy terms. Let us suppose, then, a person to be in a partioulurly wokeful state, and that be bas tossed and tumbled nbout into tiro small honrs of the morning without any feeling of somnolenoe. If he ehould now desire deep repose, the following proceeding must bo adopted : He i to lie on his right sid9, with bis Lesd comfortably placed on a pillow, haring the Deck straight, bo that respiration may be unimpeded. Let hin? then elose hii lips slightly and take a rathor full reipiration, breathing through the nostrils as much as possible. This last, however, is no absolutely necessary, as tome persons breathe habitually by the mouth. Having taken tb fnll respiration, tbe langs aro to be left to their own aetion, that is, respiration is not to be interfered with. Attention must be fixd upon the respiration. The person must imagine that he sees the breath passing tbrough his noetrils iu a continuous ttream, and at the instant that he brings his mind to conoeive this, apart from all other ideas, conscionsneasloaves him and he falle asleep. Sometimes it happens that the method does not at once succeed. It should be thirty or forty full respirations and prooeed as before, but he must by no means ftttempt to coont the reepiratory acts, for if ho does, the mere oounting will kJeep him awake. Even though he niay not succeed in procuring yery soond sleep, be will at last fall into a state of pleasant repose. Such is tbe kceonnt, abridged, oi thie rnuch vannted "Art of procuring sound nd refreshing sleep at will," given by Mr. Bicns inliii "Anatomy oí Sleep." He, it eems, purchased the secret from Mr. Gardner, and hints at his generosity in having made it pnb'io gratis. It it founded on the principie that monotony r the influence on the mind of a single idea, ai wo bave already shown, induces slomber. The inventor had for several years suffered great agony with consequent sleeplessnese, from an injury of Lis spine. In this sad condition, opium and other sedatives, were found rather to inorease thao to alUy bis sufferings. He was a contempktive man, and at lengtli discorered the secret of "subdoing sleeplessness and commanding repose by a simple efFort of volition." The plan is at all eventi safe and easy of application, and any wakeful reader


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