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The Castaway

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Tii' re wíis oncfl -i oastawar A-'d f' Ing. weeplog bltt-rly i K ei I 11 - and crylng wlth .-i h.aitskkcry, ■ - ; o iny g ma name ! 0 my :d oml" and none did bear htr rv, : and ít llghteneri iind the t-torm boltB l 11, Au'l the r .i" splaabod npon the roof, and stlll i e the Btormy element , d Hh au fi eedlng h ttercry. o n n I" An'l th ii the tliiiinlcr-clo:i id barat In darkness oTeraead. Au i m led :iim1 !■" ■■ '- and bhoo! is ol her ilwcüiiiL' place; ■ !■ il!. ( nnt'(l;(l - :i any nelffhbr had Aomc !n, i bcrcrjlng on !■! k Auil ' ' ■■■: " Luïi, lost, lost:" be.itl:ia he brcabt- g (Iwomenl it iahard toleave l i f virtue and nstui o a a) u Wlial í thl8 Inner wepi, and noceof yon . -fliirt none of you belicvcdbcrstñfc Nor 'nok da win her! lint I b seech Vonrpat ence Otee In OM .ïorupaiem i O'L't, Kissecl thtm '"''1 washed them wlth tearsWha1 then t T thlDk that yeiour Ijhiüs pltilnli 1 think 1 eee the castaway e'n now ! Ai.ii nhe i oot alone : the heavy Bplashee withmii. and añilen thnnder nlla, il feet Ofone traoèflgnred i e ilnw down . i on i. to lirr llps- her Ups ki.- the print Of nalla, and love i llke to break ber beart, _!ir it ►til! dotta work Sore In her sonl totbink i" think tlmt the, Kveu 8h-'. di. And bruise the thorn-rnArned head. i.'H-i), IIow Lreat is voor compa&sion !


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