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Four Hundred Miles Up Stairs

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"Reading :bout electrieity, lighl nd the tclegraph, ihe other'day," said Peter, ' remiuch mo of u euri'nis ftory 1 oucd lieard when I v;;s in England." lt seems t'.iorc wa- a uew-paper in the city f Gla--gi.w, iu Scotland, whicb em ! i Loiidou concsicndei)t. The oon espondent made it liis duty to gather the noivH evrry dav and tend it to Glasgow every uight by telegrapb He jaaade an anaugemeot with the operator at a oertaiu iCiee, by wbich news was seut lo Glasgow at a rcduuliu:j by the year. One night b arrived at the lovver dooi at tiie foot ui' the suirs leadiog un luto l!c telegraph offic1;;, The door vvaa looked and hu could not open it. Tlie tcli g:aj h (.flice way up to tlie top f th'j buililitii,', iu llio siith htory Tl o operatop bad a bei! there, io whioti he istired prumply ut 3 o'clock, and it vi-.x now huif ii.-t '2 The operator up etairs ytiwucd and looki'd at li it "Jinkins wou'i conio to-niflit," suid ho; "I may as well tro lo b d." And there was poor Jiokin al! the time paunding anuy oü the loor al the fuot of ttiu lonj stairs, ulu)le to gel in. ''Wliat's trio row ?" s:iid a poücemau eoming aloDg. 'I'm locked out,"gaid Jinkina "Here 've got a batch of tho must important iewB for uiy pipcr - a murüer, three ires, and a riot - aud the door locked u oiy face, and I can'l gct iu. Whai will.Idoï" Su ttie policemac begin banging ou he door, but Jcncs, the operator, up in l oíTu-c, w;is as unconscious of the tumult as if it liad been iu tho mono. [la v;is vrbislling to Liuiself aud yuwuijg prodigiousfy. 'Why dop't yoo go to some hother íoffco Ï" askcd thc polioeman. "Xn aothority lo use auy o'Iht line," aiil t he correspondent. "Ahí l'vo prt it !" he added, muí before the polioeman c uli ask what it was, the excited JiukD8 da h -d offdonn ihustroet as if a mud do" waa after him. Jinkina riiíhed broathlcsly into another telegra h ollico cix blocks off. "I say," f a d bu to tbo operator. "I'm iu a fix Got uows to go ütf inside of half an hiur, and the stupid opurator at ui y oíFcm has gooe to tleep, and I oan't get in - and - and - and - " "Well, thiit is a fix." "Ttll yon what 1 want," said Jinkins. endeavoring to catch b8 breath, "I waut you to talegruph dowü to Glasgow, aod abk the operator tbere to telegraph up hele to J.iiie.s, ;md bid him to come down Btairs and let nic in." The operator roared wi'h lan'gbter at ibis, but went t uco to bis iusii nmeot, aud bean rattling away ul a great rute. This is the mephage he srnt : "Glasgow-. Wakts up Joi;efl, Station X. Ttll hiui Jinkins at the foot of the Btairs, c.ü't get in." Jouen was looking at bis watch again, and concludcd tbat he had Letter put out tlie lights and go to bis liltle bedroom acroes the liallu ny, ben clatter, olatter, went Lis ioelrnment. "Tbere's Glasgow calling me," saai Joues, aud Imrried to bis iuftrunjeut and licked off ''Wliat's wanting." Back carne the aoswer : "Jiukins down stairs- door fast let him in." Off went Jones down etairs witb a rush, and at laat the anxious Jiukics got up and eent oS bis news. "So )ou sec liow a man sent a message ! througb a solid door, aud up four pair [ of stairs, four huared miles round, and ' by way of Glasgow, and all witlnn twcoty n.i lules. "Wnsu't that four hundred miles up S airs ''"


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