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Jockeys In Tears

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We don't kuow when our feelings have (fien so touched us in madiug the neouiit of a linie incident tb at transpirad i. Charlotte dui'iií{ ihe past opjjrcs-ivey hot week Tliey had eome borse acts th re - to improve tho breed of lorses n this State of course - and one f tho i ojIo animáis, whüo lx ing dr i ven at the top (f hi.-i ,-pced, with the nicicui up to 10Ü or theraubout, feil dead n tú harneas. The eve it, as is soraetimea faid of tlur deatbg "csBt ag'ooia over the enre oommuuity." The raoing, and betinfj, and b'ackleggiug went on uil the ame, but there vns a deep undereuirent ot' grief swelüng each maoly bo.M m vhish usually took form in ahorsefuueal Their stiong feelings most have vent. Soitow co saored au theiis must )3 aiïorded the lnxury of' a manifesteiou Tfie hortc was accordingly buiied iear the snot made iiiemornble by bis .il!, aud a headboard was ereoted bearog the name of the noblu brute, now lappily beyond the reach of uil torménnrs. tho dato of bis dcath, aüd this simle but exprensive upitaph : "Ho died jame ! ' What eloqoenee there is in tliat insenption ! Don't lell us hereifiiT that hursu jockeys and gamblera au't appreoia'e true merit Tbat heud10 .-I, BO eloquent in its brief tribute, shall cast the lie back into tcoth of lie base slanderer. But love had not paid its last tribute ?et. We are informud that "the ladies )f Charlotte, hended by the braes band, ïmrchcd to tho spot where ho was )iiried, and, gronpÍDg arouud it, strewed the grave of the noble animal with lovers and minortelles." Our oyes involuntarily fÜled nith tears as we read the statement ! How can we find worii sufficiciit to expresa our tdmiratioo for this thoufiliiful act of Icndir and sympahizing aÜVction. It isa thous;iDd pitics that thero is i.ot such a thing as tbc trari6migi!ttion of süuli ; that inany u poor.'honest, and worthy mun, who goes to his rave unhonorcd and unsung, might have a chance to be turncd into a boree, to bc driven io death in the midst of woltering heat and bo buried iu Charlotte. The ladies of Chailotte have aohiuved a phice on our cuuntry'a hitorio page They bad rendered beautiful what narrow-souled biijot would cali little less iban infernal cruelty. Tbey havo cast a linio ot' glury over the do."(jised and .laiidend bor,-o ruce, uud shown that llicre are ladies cnpablo of appreciating the real excelleneies of tbi?maub-abuoed "institution" designed t iinprove the breed of borses or kill tliuu iu tbc atU'iut. - Detroit 'Irilime. It is said that u pike was caught in a lak e i:i Houth Germaoy, in 1-197, ou v. i. Vu was fouod a ring hearing tliia ii1 noription : " I mu the ösh whiob fir.-t Dt' all put iu this lako bv llie handn of the Govemor of the Universo, Frederick II., the 5th of Ootober, ] It weighed ÍJ50 .lbs., and was 19 ft. long. Fisby ! Graul's policy is paid %o ha - Lis reelection to the Preoideney and tho removal of the Capitol to irOD" Bracch.


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