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Tíio following e the platform put forth by the Prohibí ionists, contened in inass conven tion at Jackeon, a few days since. What especial bearicg it bas upon the tomperanco question we have been unablo to discover : Essohed, ]. That wo herebj cordially endorso the platform of the National proliibilion party adopted Ly tbeCn conventioo, September 2d, 1869, and that we hail tho organization of ?aid party as a sjreut natiooal blesstng, timrly in ir s advent, and made neeeasary to tlio country by the manifest subservienoy of botb tho Democratie nnd BepubüusQ parties to the interests of t!a liqaor traffis. ii. That in otir j'.idgmer.t, tlic ifsues which for tiïc last few ymra havo voü significauco to otber politica! or,g: tions, are now eo corapletely disponed o! as to justify the formal inauguration of a DBlional poiitical ■ i lor cffectively suppressiog tho traiiio iu intóxicating (iriiikn. 3. That wliilo wc aro nnquiüfit'iHy in fauor of the equitable paytnent of cur largo public dubr., co.dtmcted as it was 'or Buppressing the rebelüon, and as a ecessary moaua of preserving oor naonal lil'o; we óre bevortheless opp o po rapi'i :i ltquidation of the same :is o seriously mtefere with the business tcrcsls of tho country ; moreover as tlio btfnefita so purchaeed aro to be phared lurgely ly succoeding generatiorif, it is not uDreasönable that tlie I oi final pajmènt ahould be so far distaot, that tho country niay bave time to recupérate from the cfieu's of the j war bciore hearing the hcaviest part of 1 tho burden. I. That an adoquatö public revenuo j being necessnry, it may f.roperly bo ■ rniscd botli by impost dutiea for u irotoction oi domestic induistry, anj ? j-i equitable ïFsesrae&t dpon tha jr and legitiu.até frusipees of iij v ; yet wc ure opposed toa bS ; toar:y discriminatioo in favor "!i tal iiguinst lai)or,iis well as to 1 loly and rhiss legislaiion. Í"). '1 int coiüi I oiiesty ,r, jobricty ure csntiut quiilific itions u iold;riLí civil oflioe ; fjtialit;es to j tipccial attention ehould be paid n ehoice cf candidate. 0. 'J'liat a )i'her:il and just po( shonld be pursaed to promoto fore2 imigratioa ko our hore; nlways allo, ng to I '1 cttizen eqJ rightf, i-;. od íroteotion thoïe who ■ 'uoni


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