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A UOÜST lOih, ] NEWWHEATFIOÜI uperior qualtiy, at the ANN ARBOR CITY MILLS Very oice bolted Oom Keal, roar? Me&I, Ghta Flour- good socond qualitv Flour nt low pricSd, at lo nd deltTered laany part of the city. W Cali, 6jèT" Ortlprs lcft !n my Order Box tt the Pos: 03? promptly attcmk-d to. lá8B J. T. SV; ate Cnroline Kettuer. TATB OP MIOHIQAJi, Connfcy of WaBhtflJ O At a seaslon of th nrt for theCosM ofwasiit-iuiw. holden al the P Clïy of Ann Arbor, o Friday, the tl ft h i l Angnat, in the ycar one thousand cight h dred nu Dt, Htram J l'robate. In the muiter of i ;f Caroline Ken ndfilFiigthc petltion dnly vr" ' John Kettner, pré ! tt) Ib P. Hl -' i-oni ■ othvr fnitftbl person may bo apj itate of saííí de eaeed. ftfth day of September, next, at ten o1 foronoon, be assigned for tho heai petition, aml that , i ■ and nll other pertous fnterested In ure reqaired to appear at a bession o i 1 1 1 Ii dj An Arbor, and show cause, if any there be. yet of the petltiooër should not '■■ ■ Batdpettti ■ ttce tothepersousltil a estáte ol thii fsaid petition, and the hearing therwj Cftueinga copy oí Ui re Order to bcpublis'u'il iDy v, spaperprlnted and in said cout; Bftld dav of hearing. CAtrüecopy } HIHAM J. BE VKF. , l-j.j JndfiO i Real, Estáte for Sale. CTATEOFMK'IIinAN.Countyof Wnshícn.' r ín i tha eetate of ilenrj Caiifl ittce Is hcreliy ;i iiirssi ed, AíiTt.:' trntor ol I il ce lera by th U BshtennV'' I ■ arai (lay of May, a. i 18TO I host Wilder, f ■ viuiifterde-cn1 i 3ttí. oiTJ day, the I ■ of September, ■'■S ■i.-it !l.-iy,(8ubji' ■ othernrlse exW at the time ofthe d -cdj, tne ■te, to.wlt : ADonti In the v.lllaee of chelses. ín ■■ : onridod ns lollows, vi.i: l-r' . mpiI nvciüy-tlirfp iiirhfS' F-listm Ooiifedori tri uno .TohH SI. Lotl for thc Counly of Wa&btenaw, in ühor SO of i' ■ [nchea, t!tt-:' ■ Isaac Ta ■ south twoniy Uin beglnnln ■■■r of the K;,i o.-int qnarter of the uorthcnt tfnarter of ■'■ .. of r;;r.:e ■? !),■ i11' . eded A'.ii.'iip - A. i. 186B, by K'i-ii.i Congdon and wlfe WJH tbe í"im w the fotiihwcifj nor of 1 i ■ ■!. rnnniug tJJ ove iS'scriWIJ cel of lan : '"'-"TBervtqc I off i north -: "'"'' "':,■ i, HWJC nlog owner, Johnuon 51. Loit', nr ' Dated, Aogott lOtb, A 1. CHARLES n.KKl Admini.""10': GotoR."W.ELLlS&C0'5 íor cíioico Wines and Liquorf ifor Modical Purposos.


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