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Srroml Hand and Hew Orffins "■lotieons forsale very chcap at l'rof. M1U1 :-;e room, lío. 48 Uain Stroef. (Over Huil L Robliílitf ALVINWI1. Bounty (o Soldlcrs. TiiOf wh" pnlistcd In lSil on the flrst cali of P reient Lincoln, and who were imnonibly diecbargcd eforethe expiración of the term of tlielr euüster.t. are entitled to $100 each, as bonnlyAndsqldtén enlfatlng under act of .Tuly 4th, 18S4 re to be allowrfl Lhc unpnil instalmonta of bounty thov were di.schared by cxpirati')n of service, he above classes should make application to the ndersi?ned. March -24111.1870, 1-JO-tf JOHN X. GOTT, Bo"inty au1 Claim Aseut. - -i4-ar - --■ ■ ' Tliere wns a frog who livcd in a ppriní?, IT(? paágni such n c ld th:it he coala uot sing." Voor, uDfortuiirtip, lïatrachian 1 In what a end i'ht ho iQQ8t haTfl been. And vet hip misfortunp one tiiat often lwfalls alngen. Many a once tune. 'ui voice amoup tho.ce wno belon to the " fjenua omo " is ntterly spoiled by " cold in the head," or n the Iuuïs, or both combfned Fop the above K-ntioüed ■' croaker ' wo are liot aware tlmt any remedy was ever dovlsed ; bnt we rejoice to know ehat all hiiman siii' r may keep their heads clea and their throata in tune by a timely use of Dr" SiiBC Catarrh Remedy, and Piercc's Alt. Ext. or Golden Medical Dicovery, both of whlch are ihl bydmgglBts. Swekt QtriNiKï.like the Bitter Qainine, Is a po si. tive preventivs againet, and eire for feverand aguc or intermlttent fsver, chili fever, uinib or masked LU ons PeTep , remittent lever, and the train of rswhicb follow thee dipeasen ir neclccted. Sweet Qnlnlne can bc had ín fluid fnrin, for conveuiei:cc ol the general inblic, (it beins casier to raeasure tho dosethat way.J "N" ' powdii fur Druggists and Physldaós, Soldby


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