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What Is Fame?

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Thackorsy'a wiü-known discovery, in cortain city of the far Weet, of llie ïeal character of faaie, is more than .natcbd by the experience of Victor Hugo aud bis confrères in the environs ef " tbe capital of civilization." Ycars ago, a íma'.l but select bridal party appeared at tbo office of the maire of a small tovru near Paris, to have their marriage contract draw o up. The bridegroom was a taleuted young painter, who at the present day enjoya a very considerable eelebrity, and his witnesses were Ingres and Paul Delaroche, two mastern of the French school. The pretty bride had selectcd as witnesses two friends of her fatlier ; their names were Victor Hugo aud Alexander Dumas. After the maire had carefully written down tbe nnmes, the christian ames and position of the young pcople, he vrent to the witnesses, and, turning first to Victor Hugo, asked his name. Being iufjimed, he repeated, hesitating" Hugo ? how is tbat writteo ? Has it a final t?" The pout dictated letter for letter, when the maire, with beigli tened digaity, dáresecd the second question to him. " What profession do you follow ?" " None at all," replied Vietor Hugo, laughingly. " Indeed ! no professicn at all ? Bui you cnu at least write, so that you eau ign your name licre 'i ' This being Tery sereoely answered in the aflarmalive, tbe other witnesses cauie np. As Ingres and Delaroche answered that they were painters, the municipal officer measured tbeui with a rather disdainful glauca over bis spectacle?, aud snid : " lloom or sign painters ?!1 The laugh of he entiro company vexed him exceedingly, and he muttered morosely sometbing about " unseeaily behavior," as Ir.gres replied, " Write eimply, painter." Aleuander Dumas undorstood better how to extricate himself froui the affair, for he gave in tbat he was an annuitant, vrhich placed him very niuch above his compauions in the efiteem of the tnuitv, who from now addressed him with every civility. All these incn were tbeü at the zenith of tlieir lame ; aud yet their names had remained so unooliced and unknown just liere in Paris, while abroad they were everywhere knewn and bonorod.


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