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The Republican Congressional Address

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Tlio Ke-publican Cougressiomil Comraitteo of which Senator VV'ilson schairn:m, has just pubushed an elcütiuiieerng address iutended lo revive the droop.n; courage of' the Repubücan party in tÍí.v oí the ap pro ach ing eleotious. This addrefs is the production of Mr. WÜBOn jiniNKlf, and is markeó by Lis eustoniary irrelevanco and spurious loyalty. It routains uotliiug worth rufuting, for there is nothing in it thatean have auy Wcight with any mau of suuso. Two-thirds of it is taken up wih a stilted and declama' ory recital of he actiiovments of the Ilepubüean party in aloiisl]n( 8lavery and establishiug the reconstructcd State goveriiüitints. Even Kruntiiig all that is claimed on these hads, what have such dead issues to do with our present politics? Slavery is indeed aboliahed, but Dobody proprses to re-ostablish it. The Southern States hsvo indeed been reconstrueted ; but lbo Southern peoplo accept the situation and will try to make the best of it by contiúlliiiK the ds v governiuents. - These oíd battles oannot be fonght over again, and the ernphasis with which tho address dwells upon them has no pertinenco to the election ot' Congreasuieu who will not oommence their torra of service uutil the year 1&71. The new Congress ehould be eïected with referencti to the questions on which it will be called to act;and none of the now questions aro discussed or aven presented in the whole address The leadiug organ of the Republioan party is telling us every day in the week that th tariff is tho renlly areat issue, and we quite agreewitkit; bat Mr Wildon and tho committee for which ho speaks daro not present tbis sue. They plant themsel ves on no well marked policy of auy kindj and of course their address eau tuko do hold on the popular inind, tbat is weary of soeing the old str.'iw thrashed over and over long afterevery kernel of wheut has been extracted from it. A political party caunot live upon a stock of past ir.erits, even if those merit8 wcre real. But the Rcpublicau party deserves no credit for tho abolition cf slavery. It was profcsaedly done as an act of military necessiiy forced upon the governraent íis a last resuurce for weakening tho eccrny. Air. Lincoln resisted it as long as he conld, revoked the ordei'3 of bis generáis for emancipation, wrote a f umous letter to the Tribune arguing ngainat it snd saying tbat if he could save tho Uuio i without freeing a single slave he would do it, and neithe he nor bis party defended emancipatio at the time except as a war measure. The recoustruotkm neastiF63 wer volunfcary, but their operation show that they deserve censure, not praise. - They subverted tvery piociple of fre government hy conTerting the Scrata in lo odious military sntrafues. 'I bey hav debased public life in the South int a venal pystom of spoliatioo nnd plun der. The new State goverenicnts ar from three to five times as expensive a tbose they snpplanteii, and yet, by tb showing of tiie Republicaos thoJnhelves they buve been inadequate to preserv order and protect life aud property. - liut the Southern peoplo loos for relie ouly through new and free eleetioni?, ii teudirg not to cubvert those viüanou governments, but on!y to reform tbeta 'íheir tnerits or demerita re question on which the üongress about to b uleoted will have no occasion to act, anc they have therefore no portinenee a eleetioneering topics, although the; mako the chieí figure in the lïepublica addresH, Beyond this, tho address claims fo the Republican party tho merit of ha ing reduced tho public cl ebt. The peo pie do not conside? tbis as good polici They detnand re!t#f frora tbo burdei 80ine tax5S which have made thos boaeted payments possible. ThuRe heav reductions of the dobt are a pmt polio wbiuh will termínate bs poon as the no tax laws go into operation, and a bad po icy which would overthrow any part' that dared to continue it. Tuero is manifest inconsiatency in praising il and also, in the very samo address praising the Ropublicau par!y for abnndoniug t by throwing off somo of the taxes. TKo true statement of the case is, that the Kepublican party have uppressed the people by keeping up a war revenue in time of peaee j and bcing unable to waste or squauder the whole amount, they have applied the retnoant towards the extinctioo of the public debt. They have reduced some of th tases, but have corruptly enhanced oth er8 for the benefit of a few monopolista The Hepublioan party has outlivec all the issues on which it was fouudec and as it dare notgrapple with the new ones, it ha? no longer any other bond of uuion than the "oohesive foroo o pubiio plunder. -


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