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[Artlcle 4th, scctlon 85, ol the Uonslltu liui) oi the State of Michigan says: "JSvery acwspaper in tbe títate which sinll publlsh all the cnera.1 lavvjotauy sesslou wlthln lortj days ol t heli1 passage sha.ll be entitled torecelvcu scee.tU.iaji öltwu dollars Uierolbr."] AN ACT to lor the ceNwtlau of the sociiil taütics ol' Michigan. : [OS 1. '!']■■ ■.', That It ahalí be the iluty o County Clerk ol euch couiity tocollect and compile, on blanks lo bc taralidiett by the superintendent ol ttre census, the ta embraced in and comprlslug the vhole of scliudtilt: live, ol'an act cntUleil "Au BOt provldiiig tor the taking of the Beventh aod iubsequeut censuses ol the IJnlted States, and to flx. tlie number of iinii.iis of tho [oase of IJeprcsentatives, and provlde,for tlii'ir future apportlonraeut amoug tbe soveral Stateg," pass cl by üjj Congrese o' the LJnitcd States and approved May twenty ihlrd, elghteeo Imndïcd and lift y, and forward the same to Ux Becretary of State, at Lanalng, on or bci'wrc the thirteentb day of Octobcr, elghteen luindrcd and Beventy. Sec 2. Itshall bc the dnty of thn treasarct, ieglstey of deeds, supeclatendent ol school, BBpetltUendents of the poop, f.nii prosee i i ns; attoraey ofeach coanty, and W Ui-' Bjiperylsor and clerk of eacQ tQWOshlp, to furnisb tbe coanty clerk, ou hls applicution kfaerefof, tbe Information requlred bj schedael fl-va of the act named tn the precedí Dg süclion, fiuch inforination or faets as the records of tlieir respective offices wil show, or uieb as they may be able to ob t:iin. Skc. '■). An nitiount Hot exeewiing Pvc thousaod dollars is hereby appropriated out ol'iuiy rpoueya In the. trrasury not otherwiso appropriuted or expended, to ilelïay the expenses of colleottng such SOClal statisücs named in seelion one of this act, to bc expended is folloWB: In ooantles wlici'e the populatlon siiall not eKoeed ten thousniul in ïinm.'K'i-, the eounty Clerk shall recelve the Bom oi'thirtv dolían; in coilutles where the populatloo shall exceed ten thousancV bat not exceed twenty thousaiul in Dumber, tbc couiity clerk shall recelTe the suni offorty dollars; in counties where Uu' populatlojl slinll exceed tvventy thousand bui uot ex.stcd tliirty thousaml in yumber, tho eounty clerk shal! recelve the suin ot'ilfty dullars; iu conntics where the populatiun sIkiII axeecd thirly thousaiul bat not exceed forty thousniiil in DDWbei', the couiity clerk siiall receire the suni oi sixty dollars; and in coantles where the populiition shall exceed forty thonsand In in nnmber, the county clerk sliall recelve the sum of si'vonty dollars, except In the couuiy of Waync, the clerk otwblc'h county shall recelve one hundred dollars, sueh compciitátlon to be paid by the State Treasurev oa the warrant ol thé Auditor Qener&l, sald warrant tp. be drawn on the certifícale oí tbe Secretary of @taj i, n duty It shall be to execute such oertlöeale ou the recelpt of the returns required by sectlon oh "! l'l'a at:t accompanled by tbe anW'H of the county c.'"''' ïbat SUCb jvturn is, to the bet of his knpwlengé and bellei, a full aiul accurate coüeCtion of the reqnlred social statlsUcs óf the county of whicb he w the clerk. Bec. 1 It Bhall bc the duty of the Secretary oí State to expend such sum of monev, not to exced, however, the siim of Olie thoosand dollars out ol the auiount appTOprlated in the precedías section, as mav In his ludgraent bc deemed neecssary to carry out the provlstons und lntent of tliis act. Hoc. 5. Thls act shall take lmmedlate efifect. Approvcd Aug. 8, 1870. AN ACT to anthorize tbe lntroductlon of water Into, apd the constrnctlon or pnrchase ol hydraulic works, In the cities and villages i the State of Michigan. Sixtion 1. 7'hepcople oflUe State of Michi ganenaet, That It shall be lawi'ul for anv city or Iflcorporated village in this Siati; to borrow any som of money to be osed exclnsively for the purpose of parchastng gronnda.rlghts, privileges, materlals, n.ut In maklng Improvements connected wlth and for tbe wie purpose of snpplylng such city or villajje, and the inhabltants thereof, wltb water: Proviand, that the total sum bor rowed nnfl ralsed by t:ix by any sucli mnulper crut. of i!n assesscd raluattön of such mnniclpallty, :is contalned In the last precedlng ft8íesáraént roll of the sames And providtd, That no more than two per cent. shall be borrowed daring iny one year thereafter, and that thrate of interest sha: not excci-d ten per cent. upon any Indebtec ness contractcd uucier the provisioos ofthl act. Öec. 2. The Comtnon Comicil of nny city or the corporatc autliorities of nny Incoi porated vlllage, shall have the power to li tbe time and place of payment of the prlh cipal awl interest votcd inuler the provisión ol' thls net, and to issue tlu: bonds or othe evidenee of iudchtedness of such city o villagei Provided, That it shall ïiot b lawful for the CounuonCouucil of any city or the corporate autliorities of any incor porated vlllage, to borrow any portion o sald som of money, unless the qnestlon o borrowlng the same shall have been flrs sobmltted to the electors of such city o village at lts annual election, or ata special election called for that purposc bjr the Comtnon Council of such city, qr the corporate autliorities of such vlllage, and the majorlty of electors VOtlng at such election VOtlng therefor by ballot. Sec. 3. Any city or village which may have avalled ltself of existlng provlslous of law to become a stockholder in any water company, may, by an arrangsment wlth the company in ís' 1 1 i c II it owns stock, and with the other stockholdcrs thereof, by parchase, acqulre the entirc rlgbts of sucli water company: Provided, however, That In case sncli city or village shall have Issned any bonds or evideuces of lndeb.tedn.ess, in order to raiM the moncy to pay ft it stock in a water company, It shall not lx permltted to perfect such arrangement initil the Common Council of said city, oi the corporate authorltles of said village Bball, by a rcsolution lo bc enlercd in it minutes, nndertake and promise, in conslderatlon of such pnrehase, to pay when duc the principal and Interest of all outstandin; bonds lasued by said city or village for the parpóse aforesuld, vyhlcb nevy promls and undertakiui; sball be deemedtob made tocach and every person or corporation whloh is or may bccome the hólder of such bonds or evldence of Indebtedness. Sec. 4. It shall be lawiul for the Common Council of anj ctty, or the corporate authoritles of any vlllage, ■which shall avail itsell' of the provlslons of thte act, by the passage of proper ordlnanoeji, to proylde for the appolntment oí' a commlsslon or boarTl, the term of at least one member ol wiiicli comrnlssion or board shall expire yearly, to tafee the charge and managemenj of such water works In the manner and to the exteut whlch sball be prorlded In the ordlnauce8 ol the cltyor vlllage; and the ('iiiiiinon Council of'any citv, or the corporate anthoritiee of any vljlage, may, by resol a lion or ordlnanoe, iix the rates for supplylng water to the inhabltants thereof, regúlate the manner of maklng connectlona and the use of the water, which rules and atlons shall apply equally to a',1 the Inhabltanta of such city or village. Sec. 5. Nothlng in thls act shall be construed to afieel the special provislona In the charter of any city or village alreadv authoriglpg the introiliiction of water into he same, and the constrnction of bydranllc works for the supplylng of such city or ■lllage, and the lühabltants thereof, with vater. Sec. 0. It sliall bc the duty of the Coninon Couneil of any city, or the J corporate inthorltles of any vlllage, avalllng ltself of he provlslons of t liis net, froin time to ime, as it may be nccessary, to levy and ollect such suiiis of money as inav bfl required to pay the principal or interest oted by such city or village untler sectlon onc of this act, or the principal and Interest of any bonds or other evldence of Indi íess, to pay whlch a new promise sball ïave been made in aeconlance with scctlon hree of this act. Sec. 7. This act shall takc imraediate fiect. Approved August 4, 1870. AK ACT to provlde for the payment of the oflicers anti nieinbers of the Legislature; for the extra sesslon of the year ont tboosand elghthondred and seventy. BjEOTIOB 1. 'Jie l'i i-ple of Ihe Stale of Michino, iitni-1, Tliat tliere be and is bereby ap)ropriated. out of any inoncy in the treasuy to the credit of the general fnnd, a som lot exceedlng eleven llnnisauil dollars, for he payment of the ofücers and inumhers of he Leglslature lor the present gession. Bec. 2. The compi osationofthe President ad raerobers ót the Benate, and of the t and members f the House of Rcp, shall bc tiiri e dollars jut day eucli, for actual attendancc, and wlien ab siart on account of slckness during liui'i'r.-cnl Li;: BCSslOU Oftbe LcgUlltturi ;en cents for every mlle actual ly tra iig to and rel iirnlng froin the place ■; usually traveled route. !-'.:tIi membei' ol the Seua'te aud House i' !{c.iv.Miii..uivs shall bc eutltlcd tu reculve Ijgra for statlonery and newpiipcrs fin i'-..j' ;is.-iti(j'.i of ttio Öecretary, Engrossli 'ollIngClerl:, and Sergeantat-Aniis of the Senate, and Uieirautborizcd asslstant8, and ol tlw Qleck and Eugrossing and Enrolllug Ulcrfc, and S rgeüiit-at-Anns of the Elouse of KcprcscntatlTes.and tbelr avilhoi ;i il, and i ■ rk of the jud ciary comidlttee of the tíenato mul House of Representativos, three dollars perday cacb for actual attendance during the Besslon, and ten cents lor uvrry milc aclually Iraveli-il la gol d retnrnlng froui the plsce of meeting on the uually traveled rousc. Thü ouinpensatlon of tlie öremeo of the 8unnt and House ol' ttepresentatiTes, wad their authoized assistants, and o Il.x; postmoster of the LcgIjlature, shall bc fhMM dolían por iloy, and tliat ol' messeneer boys and the keeper óf the cloak rooms, two dollars per tlay for the. linie actually employed in attendance dsring l 11 o si-ssion. 8. Sncli suins as 1 1 1 n v be il tic ander the provisions, of lliis act to the öecretary of the Senate and Clerk of the Qonse of Representatlxes, shall hu certlfled by tbe presldrag oíliccrs.of tbe respective Hoascs, and counteralgned ly the Auditor General ; and such amns us niay bu do tliy President of thft Sen u to and Speaker of the House ol [iepreseutatlves, sball be certlfled by the Secretar? or Clcrk of the respective Houses aiK'l coan.teralgned l-.y the Auditor (u-nerftl ; and suc-li same as may bc duo to tin membera and othcr omcers 01 citlier House shall bc certlfled by the Becretary or Clerk, and counteFsigned by thu prepldlng offieer of tlie respective Housen ; and the State Trensurer, opon the prescnlutlon of such certlflcates, countenigued as provlded in tliis secüon, is bereby uiihuried and dlrected to pay the same. Sec. 4. Tiiis act shall tak? iumediatc effect. Approvcd Aug. 10, 1870. JOINT RESOLUTION jiroposing an amendmeot to the Constltatlon of the State of Michigan, adfllng theteto a nevv Article, to stand as Artlcle l')-a, entitle(l"OfKailroads." Renolétd by ihe Sertate and llmne of llprcsenkilivci of Ihe Statu of Michigan, That llie follbwtng amendtiient 10 tlic Conatttntton of the State be and the sanio is bereby proposed, to stand as Arti'Je lö-a, of said stitutlon, and be entltled "Of Rallroads:' AKTKI.K lfl-a, ltAII.UOADS. Bectiost 1. The L glslature may, from time to time, ]ass lawststabltshlugreasonable maximum rutes ol' charges tor the transportaron öf pas Ifreighton nt railroads In tlils átate, and shall It winning Contracta between such rallyoad compartes w.heTeby cllscrlmlnation !s diade In favor ofeltherofsuch campantes ownlng connecting or lutrseetlbg linea, of rallroads. Öec. 2. Norailroad corporatiori saai! èdnsolidaie it stock, property, or frdtichlses wiih any otber ratlroad eorporatlop ownlng ;i parallel orCC2!net'Bí! Une ; and to uo casé sIkiII any consoHdatlon tak place except upon public notlce glven of at least six'.v days to all stockhölders, in such manner as shall '' proïldi 1 by law. Bec. 8. The Lei; Vsliii uro ínay próvido by law for the paymenjt by the eouotlea, town. shlps, and maulcipalitle8 of tliis State, of all bomls or othcr obllgations beretofore Issned or Incurred in poreuance of acts of the Legislatura, by such couoties, tovmships, and munlclpalltles severally, for and In ald of any rallroad coinpany. 8uch bonds or obllgatlons shall be patd by the connty, townabip, or munlclpallty lssulng or lncurring the same ; uid in no èvent shall ttie State pay or beetne Hable for any portion of such bouds or obllgatlons. The latnre hall sobmlt to the electora of each oi' Bald several countlcs, townshlps and munlcipalltles, for thelr decisión, the queatlon oi' payment together wtth the mode and manuef ol the same The aforesaïd amendment shall bc and is hereby subuiittcd to the people of tliis State a) .the nest general eicel ion to be balden on the Taesclay sueoeedlog the first Moii'l.-iv !n Wmrnnihar alghtaan luinrlred uní) aeventy, as provlded In sectlon onp, trticle twcjity af the Coustltatioa ; and the Secretary ofState Is hereby reqnlced toglre uotice of tiie saine to the shcriü's of the several countles of this State, in the samo Dtanner that he is now rcqulred by law to do in the case of an eleotlOD of Qovernor and Liiutciiuui. Govcrnorand the Inspectora of electioiis in the several townshlps and oltlesof this State shall prepare a saltable box for the reception of ballots cast for and agalDst Buch amendoaont. J'.aeh person votlng at gaid clection pha.ll have wrltten or printed on hls ballot, thewords: "Por al! the proposltlouê on this ticket which are not eanceled wlth luk or pencil, and agatnst all tMilch are socauoeled;" For artiele 19-a, eutltled "of railroads." ForHectlonl, aathorlzlug the Ieslslature to regálate passenger and freight charges on railroails. For Sectlon 2, prohlbttlog consoUdation of compeMug Unes of railroads. For èectlon 3, authorlzing the payment of bonds or obllgatlons heretofore litSDed. Eacli ofsald tickets shall be counted as a vote cast lor caeh proposltion thcreon, nat eanceled wlth ink or pencil, and against each proposltlon so eanceled. The ballots shall in all respecta v,e cand, and returns be made, as In electioiis of Qovernor r.iul Lleutenant Governor. Approvcd August 10, 1870. The ïvspubliean candidatea for Stat officers, noniinated at the oenvention bek iu Detroit, on tho lst inst , are : lr Gotornor - Henrj 1'. Baldwin. lor Lieut, Governoi - Morgan Bates lor Stcrelary of State - Daniel Striuer For State Treasvrer- Yiutory P. Collier. For Commmioner of State Land Office - Charles A. Edtroods, For Auditor General - Williain Ilumplirey, For Superintendtnt of Public Inttruction - Oinincl Hosford. For Attorney General - Dwight May. I'or Memier of State Board of Educatüm-Wüter J. Baxter Strikeb, Colliei:, and Edsioniís, supjlatit Si'Ai:mhng, GrostjíNOR, aud Pritchard, the three best of the present State officers. Tui; late Radical Btate cenvention lassed a reaolution of sympathy itli Praseia iu i Io pending war with Frunce, ut aftcr n eaieful investigation we have ailcd to find the name of a single Gernan in the list of candidatos placed in lomioatioD. Sympathy 3 dog oheap, and it cost nolhing tu riiroiv "a tub to ho whale," but tho nalive lom Ameri cans wanted all the offices, nnd iu effect ixolaimed, "put uo Germnn ou guard, o-day!" - The Democratie convenlion negeoted to ndopt a rcsolutioo ot sjmpatby ut shovred its respect; for our (rerinauorn feliow oitizens, and affiliation wlth hem, by nomiontinfr a Gorman for one ot tlio most important offices. That's lic ditfereoce Letweeu proféssioD (ind jrautice, words oud action, sympathy ud recogniüon. In tur Radical OoDgressional conention, Seoond district, held at White 'igeon on tho 7th iust., Gou. SrouGiiom was noininated for re-election by a ote of 39 to 11. Jt is dow to be scen vht't'icr or co the journalista and poliicians who have opposed bis uominaion and denounccd bim as corrupt and reauherous, incompetent and imlit, will upport bim. Ut eonrso they will, and will outdo his friends in eounding hip ifaisc. Tlio semi-Bnnaal inenting of the Washtenaw County Teacbers' Association cime oIT at Saüoe last week. Ho :ort í-tatí tlüit tlie meeting waa a Je cidtd BUCCCS3. Soveiity teachers were 11 nltcndiiiiec, ond great iuten st prevailed tlmtigliou.t. 'lh lectores were of a higb, iïii-tructive, uid elevolirig charactur. Tbs lollowing i. best expresa tho seutiüieut and sjiir.t of ibo Asaociation : hheteaê, We ttie Teacher of Vashtnaw County, havmg met In As huion al . have eujoyeü :i Lv-.:it privilege, and derLved mach beueflt ; and, Wherens, 'Yw ;, ,!. people nf Saline bftTe been in the hlgtieat degroe hotipltable and ffbllgtog, therefora, Betoked, Tlmt we caunot too highly est mate the luiportance of sucli asaoclatlona In prod,oclog anlon ofleellagand unity of practico and action In our great work., Tlmt ïe acknow'.eJge oursclvcs nader the greatest obligationa to the citi zon.s of Saline tor the licarty welcome and happy lionrs wehnv eujoyid among them and that wecommeDdand.Eeconimead their public spiritin educatlonalaSilrs, asshown i.y thèlr beaatlfal and eominodloas School Balléllng, thcir cholee ijernperatlon ol teachers, aod t ■. -i r opea luja,i:tH and doora lo r.l!, bellévlng it tö lje unsurpasscd in our State. Betoüed, Th at wo tender our lu-arly tlianks to Prof. M. V. Ijiik, and hhv corps of teacben, fox tuelr earnest efforta in secorlug the abuntiant successofthc Assuciation. Hfiêolvtd, 1 hut c lïereby express our gratttude and obllgatlona. to, Prol'. C. F. K. ows, and Prol'. A. A. Oiot-fitu, of the Normal School, Prof. T. P. Nicholb, of Detroit, Dr. C. II. Brioiiau, of Aim Avbor, and Prof. A. ïl. .Palmee of tlie Uni of Mlchlgau, lor the able striictlve lectureswlth wliich they&áveso kimiiy umi sfttlsfactorlly entertalned u;, and iiiat. 15e are under special obllsatlons to M. . Riob, of the ötate Normal Seliooi, for tne iiiieresiiug course of lectoras on Untmmar. lïesiJce.'!, Tbat the thanka of the Asiocia tion are due to the members of tliu Saline Union School, and especlally to Miss Kmily ]5 Popa, for the voryexc llent music Airalshed d-oring the sesslon of the Institute. Betohed, That a' copy of these resol utions uc Bubmltted to the county papers for pubücatioa.


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