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Swect Quinine ia ft Temperancc Advocate. Somc Physiciaue hare recommendcd the uae of alcohoïic stlmulauts to wad off the eubscquent attack oj fcverand apuc, rat wc are of tiie biaion that the toiiic and ütiniulant propcritics of the Sweet Quinins (besides being an antidote to the poison of malaria) are niuch more permanent in thcir effects, and the dinger of forming the pernicious habita of ntemperance obviated. For Sale by EbexdVcu Co. . ' ' ' If you liave a discharge froa the nosc, offensivc or othcrwise, partial Iosb of the seuse of tmcll, taste or hearing, eyes watering or weak, feel dull and fittipid or debilitated, pain or pressurc in the head, take oold easily, you mny rest assurcl that jou have thcCatarrh. Thou?a:. . annnally, without manifeating half of the above eymtoms, termínate in con sumpuon and end in Jho grave. No distase is eo common, more deceptive or less understood by phyddang, K. V. Pi-rce, M. D.,of pnpalo.N. Y. ,U the proprietor of Dr Sage's Catarrh Kemedy- a perfect Speciflc for Catarrh. " Cold in the Head." or catarrhal hcadachc, whlch he eeuds to any address, post paid, ülxty cents or four packaLC9 ior $2. Pamphlets seut free. Sold by drnggiets.


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