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Sabbath Day, August 23

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_. , - Over aeres of 'in, Over tvlieat lit-lila ne ly siiorn, Uvur furtile, Iragraul plalns, trj lunes .iilry air, llet al pi-:i(.-o are everywnere. Over the wi Ie se:i fár nv. Goeth my hcart this lioly day, ■fu s rrov : of wo o n v. ho Dionro Hfe of thetï owo lives rndely toni From plciKtliig Ups and fönii arma, forj The dia nd pomp of h aeedless war. Away on thu banks of the bcautUul Rhlnc; Grief hai n.iowcil tlicir.sumnur time, I the Wtght ol'his 1'aU'fiil hand Ou tlic laurel brow of thu a(eii:uui ; Sast Trom liis swollcn eycs vl t;!aucc Over the viiK'.y sloyes f Franco. Oh, Itliln?! onnuli ol'Iiuman {rore Tiiy wavea bave drank in years before ; Éach crumbllng casUe wall that lifts lts rulued tower above thy cliii's, Tclli of8ome house of ro'alty That bas made sacnllce to the (íoclmaksspeasantsi, inan'c bvoath, kings, Acical of trouble a fule brlnga Alas, that :i crown to a crown may siy, "We w:i Bght apon such a day," And peaoeful people froin eitlier land iU. -ace them staiid. Bim-, n who bastos away, Sniuuioiicii to the deadly fray, Braver she who blds liim go While lier lieart breaks with thu woo, Htaylng wlth tlie Httle ones, Kar ñ-üiii roll of stlrrlog drums, Watchlng vitii a tearleas cye, The slpw days go t!rai;giiig by.. By Columbia's honored dead, By the prayer oor lips have .said, JïuTso'er tlio vlctory stond, Marscaillalsc 6r VaterlAoS, Sisters far acrosa the sea, Qod knows above we plty thee.


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