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Napoleon's Will

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M. Moreno, a Madtiu pubhsher, has published a document culitlcd " ïhe First Battlo betweon the French and Pru6.siana and the Will of the Emperor Napoleon." Alter deseribing tho battle, it gives the Rupposoil will asfollows: "I, Napoleon III, by the graco of God, etc., about to uudertake a struggle oa iho success of which dopends not only the future of Frailee, but of Europe, declaro my dosire to be that the policy f tho empire and that of iny successor afio-r roe ehould be ns fullows : 1. Prussia to be reduced to licr fonner limita, and the Gorman Confederation to bo placed umlcr tho protectorate cf Austria. 12. Hanover and the other email ritates of Errninv to bo reeonstituted as before the Troüty of Praguo. l. Franco to bo indemnified by tho llhino provinces. 4. ïhe independeuce of Poland to bs uogotiated for with Rumia and Pruesia, aad te be ruled by a Kiug of the Bonaparte family. 5. Belgiutn to be auuexed to France, and Kiug Leopold to be icade King of Bavaria, who 18 to bu doprived of his kingdom and throno. C. i'usia to bo indemnified {oí tho losg of P.o!and by tlie Roarnanñn provinces, Vu$ on the coudition Üiat sliu will respect Turkey. 7. Tho policy toward Home to depend on circuinstunces. 8. Prinee AJpbonso, if bia legilimaoy ia not irpated, to be placed on the throne of ÍTpiiiii, Franoo yeccive, by way oi compensation, the Balsario IbIcs as a oountptpoÍM to Eugland, which possesses Jla.'ta and Gibraltar iu tho Meditcrrancan. 9. Portugal to be aneexed to Spain. 10. France to bo ruled by a regeney coinposed of tho Empresa, two FrincQs of the bluoii, two Marshals, two Sena ib, and two Deputics, till Napoleón IV. has attuincd his twentieth year." "Whatl Mr. M.," eaid a weddinggaest to a clorgyiuan, " don't you drink ,Tue ai a weddiut;." " No, sir," was tho reply : " I wiU take a glasi of w:ite" " But Bir," tuid the offieious guest, " yon recoilect tho advice ot Paul to Timotby, to talto a littlo wine for his infirmity." " I have no mnrmity," was the sQUtenlious reply. Wo sliould not despair of the goodness of the world, if we do uot kappeu to boo it inimcdiatcly around us. The atmosphere is still blue, though so much of it as Í3 eaclosed iu our npartmeat is colorless. It iu estimated that the valuó of the State lands gnmted by tho Georgia Legislature to railroad reoontly is ncarly $85,000,000.


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