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■"ilot. 1 holdá out. ; g bas ot yet surrendered Purii ia fully in■ ving Wslliam is domieiled ii tl. Palocu f VersailJ i baa intormwed ïiin; peftoo uegotiatioos t 't; - :i bear is bristliDg ; Russiun roops nioi;. on Poland; Parisjrell provisioneel a:id to resiat to the last; - iana rcpulscd on the lino of the Oreans railway ; Piuïeians vifltorions bowcen Villeneuve and MontraDge, Paris; Italinn trocps ia pogHessiün of !lomc ; the Ttalian Cabiuet to bo iucüiitructcd ; Spain to reco;nizo (hcFrench Hcpublio ; liigli timoa in London, etc. - Such ia the eeseuce of oulumus of díe)atcho3. The unuBual fuss beiDg maJo by a 'ew llepublicons in the Sixth district over tho discovery Ihat [Ion. J. F. 3, wLion a member of tho IIouso to whicli bo now sueks a ro-election, was not as hoiicst ns ha should havo bccu - while DOthiDg is said about or gainst ais cadet-Belling, subsidy-granting, grabbuig or oüicruiso enricheu associates- load us to suspect that tho orime ia not in the oommission ot' tho offausos charged, but in gèttii iit ot t. And in thia we aro reminded of "a ttory" of an old colored ciiizeu, living tlien uot a tiiousand miles henee, whose son - a lad iu his teens - hnd been detected in tiiistaking somo one e property for liis own. This - tbo detoction - was not to bo endured, ai: ■: taking youn hopeful to tba barn and ng bim up, the whip waa laid on untiitheol i) tired, and tlicu stopping to raat hü csrlaitncd : ''Thar, I'll teaoh yoü to staal, and tkm get COtehedat 't, and break yourpoor old mudder's heart." And tben a repetitioti of wbippiug and deouüciation for getting ( at it," until the old man was HitiüticJ. It is Duiaoa gutliu ''-colched at it" tbat troablea tho faitliful "trooly loil." Tke Kcpublicim journals are pu' icg with a graat iIoul'ih of trumpets a finauciül etalcment hcaded "Democratie vi. Republican Síatiágementi" The psriod covered by tho t is tho 18 inontha preceding the first of ilarch 18GD, and the 18 months of Presidunt Geani's sdmioistiation. Our moinory may be tcrribly ut fuult, but we dou't reccollect tbat tho Demoorats havo had auy control of üffuim aty Virashingtoa siooe tho -ltb of Marcb. 18G1, or are in auy way responsible for tho uianageiueut of the financial or any other department of the governihin iiat time. From Scper lat 18G7 to Maroh lat, 18 i the Repub -1 both brunches cf Congross ar.d the entira Cftbiuet, and the acting w Johnson, was uot ouly eL'Ctoi by thein, but vras to shapü I tio;i oí' control his subordi::utcs who adniiüietcrtd the st;voi-al financial bureaus. It ia I oavisb or idiotie to attempt to m al againet tbe Demooracy for any nial-aduiinistratiou during that period. The PresidoLt is nol a Bbrewd politician, iu faot is ignorant oí' tho a b o of politics - though uotinnooriut ofastroog aud unoootrollable deaire to mampuluto and ru:i tho complieated machine. Iu witness of tho truth of bo'b assertions, we quoto the lollowing extract frona a letter addressed to ;. underliüg, Cuahles VV. Ford, Interna! lieven uo Oollcotor at St. Louis : "I regard tbc headod by Cari Schurz, 15rown. Slo., aa similar to tbc Tcimcssoe and Virginia movement, intonded to carry a portiuu uf the liepublican party over to tho Demócrata aud thua give them coutrol. I hopo you will all sce your way clear togive tbo regular ticket your support." Aftcr recoriiraeuding Greei.ey for Goveroor of New York, and getting suubbfd by the Radical Stato conveutioi), Grint Bhould learued oot to iuterferc witb local pölitiea. By keeping his fioger out of tho pie he iiiight pos.-i'oly claim v,n aJministratioa victory whiuhever factiou sucoeeds iu Missouri, bul u Ihe f.iuo of the letter from wbich we qaote hc njut ncknowledge dofout if the eo-ealled 'Liberáis" suceded - a tlicj are sure to do. The vote of Maine at tho recsnt election is oilicially reportcd at: Vv. Republiean, 5-i,05i ; il ]enjoerat, 45,176; majority for Pi;.. 8,875. Last year the vote stood : - Cuambkelain, 50,980 ; S-MiTir, 88,502. Repablioan na.ajority, lii,178. TLe agregate voto was larger thaü of last year, thj Domocrals makiu a gaiu of 7,674, and the Ropul 1,071. Per hups these figures warrant llia deal of crowing our Kepublioan frienda are cxpeudiug over ilaiue. "Suiull favore receivcfl" is tbeir motto, aud they are glad that the Democratie gaiü ia ouly two-and-a-hftlf to their one. I.v the Oregou Logislaturo, on Tuesday, Hod. J. K. K elle y was c-lected ,1 States Seuator for the term torn. ïneueicg on the 4ih of March aext, on vrhiúh day Senator Williams will retire to private lü'o - anlcs3 Gkanx can fiud a fat b'jrth for bim uot alroudy ülleJ by a. relativo. It is scaroely iieecbsary to say thai, tho Seuator olect ij a Domociu'. Dbii inounced to "beard the lien ia Jeu" tliis eveuing. St. Johns is the den, and ■ ni the lion - hut only to "nee tho play go on." W. A. Howard is the backer of Diucas and holds his , o ai ing the free fight. _ i( m Thr latefct diplomatic report is that Hon. 15. F. W.ii'U is t 1 Mr. id. That'fl


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