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Democratic County Convention

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A Democratie Ooonty ("onvi'iitlon ■rillbeheldat thc couivr norsK, m nu: can t ann arbob, 0a ffpdtmday, October litk, ai 11 Vloei-, -i. .'. to norainaío ft cnodtdnte for BeDator for the Sixth Senatorial District, ninl Üañdlditsi for Cflanty Offl rfrs. Each towii'lilp mífl wart will tiiiiiud Co tüe followinü unmbcr of lHegat. A Inil atlcudance is ílcKÍrcd : Ann ArborCilj- :"i 1 ti . 8 lat Vard, :; Salem, 4 ■.M :; s.hü:k'. 6 8d u :■ cio, ■ fi -It.h " S Sharon, :) rtli " '-■ Superior, 4 Oth " '- sylvan, 5 Ann Arhor Town, S Wi bster, S Ausuít, 4 nrk, 6 irater, ! rpllnt! Town, 4 g Vpallanti City- Preedotn, 4 i( WarJ, 'i Llm, . ! " -J Lodi. 4 T..I " H I.yndon. S 4th " 2 Manchetor, . (! MU " 3 Noitliíleld, 4 By order the Democratie Coonty Con mltt, CHAS. H. BICBMONUrGb'n. B. B Pomi Sccretíry. Dtcd, Ann Arhur.Si'pi, '2sih, 1870. Some t.wo or thrcü du) o tl) a ugo ihd Courier of this city dcylftre 1 .'igainst tlic re-eleotiou of Hon. J. M. Howard to t'io United States Senatc, and in favor of tbat mallest of "curpet-baggers,'' W.m. A. HowAiu'. In FaW editiona it is fl uuewbat mixed bdtwueii Bi.air, and Fuükv, and Bti.ii lloward, though etill opposing Jakk. 'l'iiü reasous for its oppcsition are thesü : "We belteve tlic tinie lias como for a ch&nge In office. We t hi uk the Tennre-ofUllice bill is mischlevous and corrujltlug, and ouglit to be repeoled, and Senator How ard is cojnmittecl in favor ' its codUduiiiH'c. We tliink the, land jfiants and sub? üldies ought to be stópped, and Senator BTóward bas been their leadlng advocate ind manager. We thtnkjnstlce to Detroit requires that she should be relieved froni the burdeu of furuisiiiiig two Senators ibr the State at large any loager, ana s the ieriB of Senator Howatcl, the least efficiënt ofthetwo, happens at thls tlrae to expire, we think it Bbotild be fliled i'roni some otli er quarter of the State." These reasons are good and conclusivo, wo have DO doubt, but then, al! and singular, eacii and evcry oue of them, save tho last - that ofresidenee - npply with cqnal t'orce agninet Wm. A. IloWAiiD, and at least huif of the latler, also. And, in fact, aguinst any Kepubli can tbat can he nair.ed. Tliey aro uli supporters of tbc teuure-of-oflice law, and a!l champiun "land grabbisiB." II the Courier is boncst in assigniog reason it ought to declare for a Deinocrat. Tul Sagioaw J:'itie ■ prisa and oiber oromicent Raciicül journals, being u to By why Judo Süïiieula.nd hould not be elected, and fearlul tbat he will be, are ciiscussing not bia political opinions or nthor qualifications, but his incligibility uuder the Constitution. Novv tbero i not a single Radical editor in tho State fooi cnough to baliove tbat a State Constitution crd fix and deiermine tbe qualifieatious of raembers oí Conress - that is if thoy havo ruad a soniewhat antiquated dooutnent kjiown as the Constitution of the United States. Tbo point in quostiou has timo and again aeen decided upon by botb branches of [Jongress, and it csn hardly be supposed that the Houso will ignore so just and rigbta precedent, evcu to givo :i Beat te Diuoas. Tbc papers referred to do uot, bowever, autieipato suefa a decisión, and so they declare tbat it will be tbe duty of tbe Board of State Canvaesers to refuse to couut any votes polled fur BoTHBBLAHD and to give tbe certiiicate of election to Duigos. Wü nppre'aeud tho State Board will not veuture to estab ibb so dangerous a precedent, aud will not iiisnlt tbem by protcsling against Lbeir their right so to act. Tbe vcry snggestion is, however, a coufession tbat John F. Dwaas is to be defuated, and Judge SoTHEELAND olected to Congrets IVoin tbe Sixth district. It ia simply "throwing up the sponge." In the Lansiag Keprescutativc dis trict, ninety-eight prominent ltepublicans, lawyers, doctors, merchante, postmastcr, etc, have "oarded" Gko. T. Sam'ohd, who hassecured tbe nomina;ion for ie-eloctou. Thcy eay that bis nomination was procured by fraud, and tbat bo is corrupt, and uniit for the alace. Tbis tbing wou't do, and Geant will have to write a letter to Whitnky JOMBB. - Tho repudiated Sanfokd is n Blaih man ; the repudiators are IIowaki men. And tbat accounts for the 'mi Ik in the cocoa nut." The Prussians and Frenoh have not yet agroed upon an armistice, and peace cannot be predicted at a very carly day. Paris must probably fall firsï. The most notable eveut of tbo week is tho oapitnlatioD .and surronder of Strasburg, which took placo last Tuesday afternoon. Arouud and neur Paris victories are olaimed by botb Frenoh and Prussians, out do decisive engagemeuts havo been had. - Tho Freiich blockadc of tho Prussian porta has been raised. ■■ . It is announced that Colfax, preparatory to retiring to private life, is going to tako tbo stunip for Diaucs in the Sixth district. Just in kecping ; didn't [íai; a minister at that - certify to tho sobriu'y of Zack Cuanbler. Oüb t'iiuud Dr. Hüyï, uf Oaklaud countv, wns wout to ay some yenrs ngo thal ft hen the Republicana beounie dia sa i.ified wlili tax&tion r anytbing else ihe leaders had "only lo BtofS on ;i neg roe 'a heel nd tiiüke hini pin!, ai i mij man would roté tho oio ui tii Th 9 modern procesa is to cry ' copperbead, Robel, Ku Klux," etc , and "ou:ra-'ua" aio made lo order. lio tullowing oiroular ssufd by the "Loya League" fu South Carolina will uxplaio li .v it is dono : Uom.'ii).;stia[, I lui i.u; ('uMUAiii.s The Radical cause s in tlangèr. Thelieform party is gaintng r. c 1 1 party s bein'dlviiietlia diflfcreut sec t!on8. Notbing but a trtemeodonn cfl'ort wilh f c wholi Radical piiriy unltcd as oufi innii, eau suvl' Uic party frojn deioat. "i must gain t: lection thls Fall, or our pur ty Is Irrevocably annllillated. Wc mus) save oor guuse, although Wé mj be cnllcd Bpeü to 8acrifice the live of huuiu 'f our besi men ti curry tlie polut. Hcmenibor Raudolt', the uiarlyr ot' hls own party; it was liis toul murder beiug charged to the Ueinocrals that ;iwi tlie Siaie tü General Scott two ycara ;il". Wr tflast win a gain, if wc havo to s:u:nliiv I li ei oí ;i Bcore oi uur luijuiiniiit leadera. The questloo aai ursüy presents ii-n as to how v determine w!io to ööer up. I know of no bctter plHii tlian thls : Let all the 'led in cacli co'iiny appotut ftva delegates trom eacii llague, lo inri t at soine central poiDl i a the couuty, umi let it be the duty of these delegatea to seiect one proihluent colorcd raau of tbc party in the county foT a Bpeclal and Important parpóse, io iu iBude kaown to hini by the üoveráor BI the proper time Let the name ofeach man tlnis selected be reported to the tíovemor, whoac duty it shall Ije tp niake tliu n c ry strps throngh the cónstabulary torce to have Ji i ui nit to doath in Borao secret place amj l't tlie crime bc charKed to i lio Reform party. Thls plan will Quito the negroos lor i he Radicáis, aiid tin; ddy ill b ours. This plan will n: made known to our prominent white mtMibérs of the Union Leagae party in ea?h couniy, and it is expected that tlie greatest ouatiou mul seoreoy ivili be observed, and that tlie plan uill be cnrrled out aböut the SOth of September. Tliis plan meets the eutlre approval of tlie Secret Councll, and is slgned by the Initiale oi ilic cuiiiiniitirc appoiuu-d to write this circ-u:ar. K. G. 1'. ]5. F. W. J. L. N. Mr. James lírooks, a Democratie mom!xt of Cungress, hu Diada a statement thai I f the Demócrata had been in power they wuu'nl Uave ivilucnl,. tuxnliou more than the Republicana reduced ít. wllj Mr. Brooks explain wny tUe Deraocrats Yoifl Mu'üi'isi du1 Republicana recluiv inu' th MDO, wiiU-li reduotlon was sceured in spite of au alinost uuniiimous Democratie oppositioii ? - Detroit 2rLbune, For fcar that Mr. Buooks rnay not see the Tribune we may vonture te give oue of the mnny reasons wliy the ])eniocrats voted aguiüHt tlio so-called reductiiüi referri'd to. It was bccau.-o of tiio nfamous tail-piece to the bill, saliing tb e producing iuterests of the country to the 15es-ieuier steel and other mouopolists. The Democratie members would not vote for meh an unjust, corrupt ure, evun though a very smail reJ iction of taxalion was conceded Hl the body of the bill, The omnibua bill vvith a tai] to it tocik two dollars in , tases where t professed to yield one, - and not to support the governmeut, bilt to cnriöh ttio AVards aud Giuswolds and Kki.i.kys and Morrillo and Ambsbs of the country, - and for that reason it did not got Ihe Democratie voto. Thk Hon. James Birney, of Bay Cily, - son of Jamks G-. Biunev, godfatber or grand-father of the Ropubliean party, - bas taken tho stump against John P. Duiogs, and made his fitst speech at St. Johns on Satuiday evening ast. Judge Biknev is oue of the purest men in tho Il:?piiblican party, and, as a tribute botb to his intrgrity and talent, has been made by it Senator, Lieutcnaut Governor, and Judge. A personal acquaiutanca won our respect years ago, iind wo are not surpriscd to tind hiui denouncing the corruplion of the party witb which lio has so long been aafociated, and repudiatiog one of its unwortby candidate8. Ho knows Dkiggs, aud knowing bim deems it a duty to oppose his election. Andekw Johnson was elected by Republicana, and despite the vote of tho Democracy. Buring his so called ad miüistration tho Republicana coutrolled both brauches of Cougress, and enaclcd the lawa under whicli taxea wcro levied and colleoted, and appropriations made and expended. ]5y the tenuro-of-ofEce l;iw üiid tho power of the Sonate over noiniiiutioiis, partirán tools and personal enpmies of the President wcro kept in office, and the wholo macbinery of the governtneot placed in the hauds of men over whoiu he conld exercise no supervisión or control. And jet tho New York Tribune clajjis a saving of S 170,0C6.82Ü :7 duriog tho first eigbteen mouths of Guant's administraron, and over the eighteeu proccding ruouths of a "DeiíJooratio Administration." If that isn't the gonuino "stop thïef" cry, what is it ? It is oertaioly a vary small hole for the Kepublican });:"_) to try and get illto. Gen. Siqbi, in lirnuptly deuioa the report tli ;i . r to Ui io t0 canvass Soukkck's diatriet. líe gays : "To General BcuSsck, penonally, I owc my liighëst regarde, lut, having cenelu ded for different reasons, to abtiain f rom actiti participalion in th pending polilieal campaign, I have dcclined to accopt any invitatioo to pjieak here or elmeJure." - SiGEr. niust have read the reported "ínterviewiog" of Grant at Chicago. Mayor Hall, of New York, having called in question the correctness of the census being taken in that city, somebody in the Tribune - it must be Gkkeley - calis hiin "scoundrel," "villain," and otber pretty names, and charges bim with uttering a "brazon lie,'1 all of which considering the iiumaceulnteness of the soureo must niake Mayor IÍai.l feel very badly. Tuk Tribune says that the Courier of this city is in favor oí JJi.Ainfur United States Senator. Tho Courier says it is for W.m. A. HowAKD. Which is correct? Buo. Ckoss of the Adrián Journal, has been nominatcd for Kopresenta'ive in the Fourth Lenawea (uitliet. May he lako the lap olï from KraPF - his opponent.


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