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Death Of The Radical Party In Missouri

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The St. Louis Demoera!, the old-ostablishcd organ of th-s liadioals in Missouri, bas the obituary of the party in that Stato. It says: " ïhc Radical party died about half past twelve o'clock on Friday, ïSeptembcr 2d. lts disorder was a ruxh ol mud to tho head. Tho abuso and vilification and general blackgnardism with wbioh ita prOHcriptive element has habitually aasailed every prominent man who bad sense enough to spo to-morrow, produced on the part of mtiny ot its intelligent members a detcruiinstion to take care of to-inorrow, and let Uie party take cnre of iteclf. The brains went out Tho intentines remajned. ' Time was tbiit when tho brains were out the man would die,' and the party died. We have no time to write a bistory of the deceased. Busy, men, in a live world, have no tiine for funeral ceremonies. Nor can we conseientiously lament its doparwra For some time its disease bas been so severo thut lile wan a buiden to it. The dajs of its nsefulness, as a party of pio'-t-ription and disfrancbieement, wero really over ivhen U. S. Grant was elec'ed. Since that time it has been a qnestion whetlier the party hould kill its principies of itd principies kill the party. We deem it fortúnate that tho principie) snared awny to a purer and abode they had been altogether destroyed by that rush of mud to the hend. So painful were its latter dajs that even ite best fiiends longed for the agony to be over - locged for a day when a pure gentleman and brilliant statesman could utter a noble thought in a caucii6 of bis friends without hoving hurled at him the epitheta of 'rebel,' 'drunkard' and 'infidel ;' when a fcoundrcl slnmH cease to be idolized by loyal men because he raved and biasphemed at rebels ; hen, In the unme of God and loyalty, it shoubi uo longer be nocessary to keep half n million of the money of tho people loaned t" a favored bank or two ; when a newspaper could frankly s-peak i's objections lo men and meafures withnut heing accuscd of trachery ; when, in short, biavo men sh'ould not fear to íío beforo the whi'lc people with just principies D8 tbeir only bope of succes8."


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