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Fashion The Ruin Of France

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An English lecturer on the war says "I ;im sorry I must give a very bad part to the fair sex. I have scldom seen tliat they, as n body, couduot tlieinselves auyvrhere properly. In Francc, wheret'ver you go, the greatest disturbante aud the greatest mischiof are done by the ladies. The grontest patiic is spread by ihetn. Tlic buik of the tem;ili pop ulattOD is, as t is everywhero, corruptetl by an indolent existenue ; (Jeprived of all sorts of knowlodge, aiid physically wcakened by an abuormal manner of living, none of them thought for a single moment that they were answerablo tor a great deal of the mischief caused to their country. Were they better eduoated, they would form better wivo and better mothers. ïhe better wives and better mnthers would better inflnenca their eliildren and husband?, who would thus be made better citizen, botter soldieis and better politicians. A BOTereigD would nover be uble to enter upon war with a popula' ion not disposed to it, and the polit iciaiiB would never permit themselves to be drawu Dto nefioiiatious so eriticul as to lead to war il they were selectod frora among bel ter citizens. The empire, the court, fiishimiable Paris, with its fiishionahlo shops fellmg fashiimable drcsnes, would novei have timpted reasouable wcnien so far as to forget all tliat brilliancv bas its dark pide, enormous'y tostly in money, and inevitably leading fioiilly to a still reuter cost of livos. And whtn that all th'g is done - when Franco is throwQ into the nii?eri;s it DOW finds itself in - who is it that st-eks that even the honor of the country slmüld bo EacriGced ? - ín women, and of tho liighest circlts It íh they who bein to tulk about I mcdiation, as if they did notknow tbat : not a single Fienchman will ceaac to lifjlit until he hiroself', not other pcople, acknowledges that the country is vanquished, and that there is absolulely no hope of reseuing Franco from political degradation and military diahonur "


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