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Radical Love For The Germans

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In localities where il is Dot thouglit worth while to bid fi)r ihe Germán vote the Radical journals eak out the real enliineutof tbeir party, showiug how little real synipatby tbere is in it for the Germana. A specimen of ihiw i given f rom a representativa ltadical journal, tho Bostou Trave.ler : " 'A great Dernocratio dcmon-tration," what we Americana cali a masa meetiug 'carne off' in London las! Mondav night. ïbe flaga of F ranee, England aad America waved uver the crowd. TLe dispateb sajs tliat 'ihe fceliug was wholiy frieudly to iho Gorman people, but very bitter agaitist t lio Germán prinecs.' We eauuot bee tbe propriety of tbil distinctiou, for tlie Gerniiin people nre cotbing but abject s!ave8 of the Germán riu BMi Who are tlie mee tbat re uow fighling and liangiug, burning and plun lering, ínurdering ud ravisíiing, u Krauoc, but the lust part ol tbe Germán pcoplo 'í It is uow in Frasee just as il was i n America tiinety odd yeare ago Qarmiii) prinex-s sold inany thouands of the ''icrinau peoplo to George III , who emjloytd them iu tlie woti of aseassinatit'g Ameiican nien, at.d ravishiníí Ameiu-an woracu, aüd burning American hOBBW, nd robbin Amcricou piggerius and benrootts. 'i'liero is no new tiriog under tho sun, and tlie rulfians wbo luake war on wouieu and cbil áreti ia Frunce in 1870 are wonby deHceudants rd tucceesors of tlie rufiianí who carriod on t!; ■ uine kind cf Mar fare in Jersey in 177C. We tliat tLey will jet riod a French ïreutou." Tbe Fort VVayne, Indiana, Democrat anks bow Sepator Sberman oamu to be so rich. In lSóñ, wben bo went to Coogc'ef for tlie lirst limo, lie was uot wortb'Uiore tba;i 2,ÜOÜ, ad has ' i in public life evsr tice on a balary uever larger tban $y,000 per annum, and yet lie i now worth Ï76,OOO in real catate at Maustieki, (Jliio ; oivns tbe greater part of' i itreet railroad in Washington, has 870C,0U()in boádl and money, and is interested iu immense traets of WeHtem Unds. llow did it all oome !


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