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I lie cali of thu appropnate c niaiiHtce for a Democratie Couuty (Jonveution, to be be'd on the llMi insc, for tho purposo of Dointuating a candidato for Seuator, and caudidati-s for couuty officers, appeared in the last issue of the Am:i :s. lf tho several townsh'p committecs have not already taken uuiiee of the sanie, and issued thuir calis for the uceessary onucuses, wc urgo thmn to do po nith'ut ih lay. It is df.-ii-alilc, nipoitaut, yea indispensable that every town in the county bo fully represenled, and by delegates who k!)''',v tlic wishes of thi'ir lionalitueiita and are propared to spcuk fur tliöin ; and yet by delegates who will not tutikü personal r loöal iuterst3 parauiouut to the good of ihc whoh party or oouiity. ïhe couniy is very close, is good f.ijl.ling round, u:id to comniauil euceess for tho Democratie ticket it must be a good ouc. It must bot ony Ue c.omposed oj good meu and true, but the candidatos must be nominated with due refcrenee to localiou : that is, no odo loeality must claim or take the liou's share. The rights of tho Nortb, South, Kat-k, West, and ceijter must be aliUo and refpectcd, anü the qualificatioiiK and services of the caudida'ed )re9euted fioni tho several sectioua fully cauvassed and coDiidered, not in a oarping, fault-Ënding or back-biting spirit, but with the sole viaw of nominating tho very best men for the campaign. With euch attCDtion to individual and local claims, with such abnegtion ol peraoual jealouties, a ticket may be gelected vvliich will unitu in its support cviry Dcmocrat in the county, aod that bciug duu'3 tho victory will bo more than half won. 'A word to the wisa is sufficieut." Tuk Democratie Statu OommiUee have recelved and aecepted tho decliuation of Ilon. Isaao M Cuane, noiiiir.atcd for SLeretury of State, and filled the vacaucy with the name of Jonathan1 W. Flandeks, of St. Josuph county, vrho bus accepted. Mr Loranqer, the nomiueo for State Treasurer, has nlso decliood, and Andrew J. Bowne, of Barry couuty, a banker at Hastings, has been bubstituted u liïa placo. Of tlioso two new candidatos the Jb're l'ress says : Jonathan W. Flaaders, candidato for Secretary of State, of üturgis, Bt. Josepij counCy, is a trted and stauncli Democrut a lawyeT by profeesion. Proba IÖ66 to Ib6ö be wis meiuberoi the State Démocrath Comuiitlee lor the SecODCl Uis.rict. At the D mocratlc Conventlou ol the öecond Con giessloual District, latoly belU at Kalatoa zoo the entlre votójof bis couuty was cas for bi in on the flrst ballot as candidate foi Uongrecs H is a man nrboM persona popnlarlty wlll add largely to thestrengtl ol toe ticket in his portiou ol üte Ötate. Andrew ,1. Bowne, the candidate for State Treasurer, is a MKdent ir Hastings, Burry Coonty - a sucetssful bnnlu-r, (vhoge abiliiy and lutegrlty i.s a Inanctal mat) is wrll kiiown in the western puruon of the State. Hu is of good Denioci'atic stock. Bis tatber, .Iliu Bowne, i be remeuiber nl at the " old war borse " oi Barry County, wlioye career in the [egislature, botfa as Representativa and Henaur, viil 1 reinenibered l)y all the older Demócrata of the State. [lis son Andrew Jacksou, now the nomlnee lor Statu ïreasurer, is u worthy a noble sire- a true Demoerat, an alile Qnancier, a popular cilizen and an enterprlelog man. Tijk dailies for a tiumber of days have been Clleil with details pf fjresbeta and ÜooJw in tlie Boutli, cspecially in Virginia. There bas been a grent Iosï of lifo and property at llicliinond, Lynchburg, IIarier's Ferry, aijd all aloog tlic Jaines, tliu Shcnanduab, aud their tributarios. Thu James was never as high, and bridges, doms, milis, and villagcg all have euflered. At the lalesl dales the ilood was subbiding.


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