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Another Plebescitum Farce

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A telejrram dated lióme, Ootober lst announci-d that the plebiscite to be voted oí) íhu next diy - by the free citizeos of Hume - was tu read as follows : I a unión wl tli tlie Khisrdom of Iialy under the coostltuttona) rule of Víctor Euiwannel and liis successora de&Irable! And then, to í'Iiuw tho aoo inteivuution of ViarojR Emmanubl, Iiis perfect faisno3 and disiutorestuduess, it u mídod : "The Kiug awaits tbe nsult ut Florence." The following dispatch explains how tlie thing watt dono : JSew York, October 4. Tlie Jl'oWrf' special telegrapas from Home that tito voíiQg on the plebiscitum va fect farec. Thcrc vvere 48.UUU ayes and but 7o nays. The [tallan soldier and pald agents, vtith thesenm of Chetto, thc Ponte and tüe Perloue voted ayo, Uut irást Dtuabns oí tlie best oitiseas of Home abstalned fi-oiu votinx, soHie tbrough lear that the cliáugu might. uot be permaueat, and others in obudicnce to tlie orders of tlie Papal '■ tergy It canuot be dented, hpwever, tliat tlie Kreal inajority of tlie middle classes, l:nvyi rsnn'i'cli.'liils, aud veü MKiiiy of (he i .'y V'ttd openly and otteatatlously tor auoexatlon. Tlie ei-ty waa llluinioated in iiiany pares at the úd of day, partlcuhirly ti tile Corso, and in tlie Btrécts leadímlí irom tlie l'incian to l'la.a Barberliie, i i oras observed also thatattempts at iiluinIuatlon were mude iu Bargo, wüere no vote was takea. The N Y. Eveniny l'ost - a leadiug Itepubliean jouroal, ia disoussing tlie Cougressioual Loniiuations as intiiuatolj connected witb tbe question of "líevenuü lítifoiui," gires the follovving advice : If, in auy district, the Republicans noinioate a reVenne feforfner, and i ir Demócrata a protectlbnist, ttaeo we ad Vise and urge ill icratS who tliink vith us lo support the ttepubllcau candidato. IfoutUeother hand, iu any district, the KepuWieaos nomínate a protectlonlst, and the Democrats a revenne reíórmer, theti we advise and uryi: tlie BepubUcantWho thinkicith us toiupport the Danucrat. Iu our national politics the qnestions of flnance, curreney and taxatlon are now tlie oniy important qucstiuii-. Tbcse deraand wise and gpeedy scttlement. The whole country is euffering because those quesl lous have been trifled wltb and put olf The party leaders fear them ; becaase lor tlie most part thej do not nnderstand them. It is the duty ol'tlie clttzens, theréfore, to seo that in tin' next Congress men ot the riiit oplnlons on these subject s have the majority ; and to effect thU,every voter slwuld dis crimínate, and y ice hix support not lo thepartiy candidato I canse he is of hts party, bui tulu He.eenue Ikfonner, uhaiever party nominales htm. Iu Ibis State the Iïepubüoans are running six cándidaten, each ooe of whoin isfully, uncquivncally, and unchangcably committed to tho protective tsystem. Each ono of them, if eleoted, wili roto againet " llevonue Reform,'1 and for a eontinuance cf high and proteelive dutios on coal, iron, steel nnd all manufactured labnca, to be puid not to, or for tbe 6üpp'rt of tbo Government, but into the podéis of lite manufacturing lordlinis and monopolitt. This beiog tho indis putuble (aot we coinmend the advica of the Post to all Itopublicana in favor of revenue reform or a revenue traíl ooly, and wbo are opposod to protection. There are enough such to bcat Wai.dko.n, jílair, Conoer, and Duaos, - aud to scare Sxougiiton and Fkkry badly. Will they do it, or will thoy swallow their coDvictions aud remaiu the seifs of tho inan'if'a"t .r Tim il'iit. AiswN lii.Aiii Bceme to ooLifiJcnt of Ilie bwu cl oti'ñ, thut he is givirit Iiín p.ic tm.o and nondeiiul puwers to uid t! e OU iido barburinns. - He spoko latt everiing at Owpsso, in aid of Dwaas, and a few eveninga ago at Iliis'iugs, in aid of FlBRY who starts in llie race with only about 9,000 iu Lio favor. Can t bs FbbhT as well as DkiocÉ seos dofeat f-taring him ia the face, and cries, "Help me BbAiB, or I sink!" - On rcflection, tlioro may bo ft vote for Senator iu the bush, buth at IlaKtings and Owosbo. And BlaIB wante it. Tuk Franco-PriiBsian war is nbout as at last reports. No new battleB have been foughl - oí any nignificauco or magnitude at lca&t No armiftioo bas bouu agreed upon, and DO bombardincnt of Paris cotnmenced - though it is tbreatencd. iJut peaoe or the end is not yet. üui'-li ia the esscuoe oí columns of cablerains. Tiib Rev. John Russkll, of Jackson, lias been nominated for Ri-prescnt alive ín Congress ly the ProbibitioDists of this district. We don'l kuow bow maay hutdn:d tliousund votos ,Mr. lvi sBLL expects to got. 1 n :i ruocnt address issued by the Republicuu State Oojnmktee, we read : - "The Republican party h;is eontrolled ivarnment d-.iring p-ist ton , exeept hen the fjetious conduct of Am;:i:w Johhson for two yeara ngain pluotti the tiatiou uoder tbs rule of the Domneraey." Anothcr assertion of the Radical theory thtxt ' :lio Prc-ideut s the Govenmeni." LiNOo&ii taa the f.'(ivi:i imioiit, when LlKOOLH wa-s killed Johnson becamc tlio government ; failug to ioipeach the government JoHnpon wns (cnnitted to serve lila time out ; - and düw O ra nt w the govern-meni, n rotating gevernmenl, it is 'me; no.v at Washingtoo,. now at Lou; üranch, now ut Sura-toga, andrunr at aoino other race oourso. Meantiiuf, vvlieru is Congrees and what bas t to do ? Ia it any part jf the eoverrment, and did it. work with or against And ruw Johnson during ihi üü two years ? It cortainly made the !aws, and didn't allow Mr. J&hnbon much latitude in adiuiuibtcriug thein. - We don't thitik thut Andm;w JoHNHON wns enougli of a govoriimont to ranke it worth the while of the liepublicau Committce to escept him. And now comes that politico-rdiioue but ''trooly loil" jounial, the Advance, with tbia insiuuatiou against tlie nowiv ippointed Minister to tbe Conrt of St. Jaraes : ''That the new niinietcr will cpicsont the views of tho Administration with more vigor and alaciity than Mr. Moïley, there is probably little doubt. Tbüt ho will socuru for America and her institutiona and culture greater respect abroad, no one suspeots. And tho chagrín that bo mnuy Americaus feit, for certain reasnus, with Gun. Sicklks' appoiutment to Madrid, will probably not bo alleviated by thia now evideuce Of Presidential indifferenee to tho personal faiao of our diplomatists." Mouton another Sickles, and tho President ''indifferent !'' and this on good Radicul aathority. At tho llepublican Convention for this Roprefenta'ive district, held at the (Jourt House, on Saturday last, Col. C. B. Grant was uiianiinously noiuioatcd - Iriumphing over the opposition of hii "friends" who prooured hia removal from the postolSco Col. Grant ia a young man, a gradúate of the Uuiversity, a iawyer by profeesion, and if elected will niake a woiking inomber. He is not a Howah man. A i,atk list of tippointments b,' the President, contaius tho followint; : " Charles M. Walkbe, lute Fifth Auditir, IJ S. Assessor for the l''ifth Mis)ini district, vice Lakninu, suspended. Tho uutortunate Larninc-, who now kieks in mid air, h prob;ibly a supporter of tho irregular or Bkown ticket else ho forgnt to niake a preseut to the President durin ha late visit to Missouri. On Tuesday next - -dio Uth inst. - clecüonu upe to bo held in l'eunsylvania, Ohiu, Indiana, Iovra, and Nebraska. i'rum tho Belma f.Vla.J Times. Who l'ay ihe Taes 1 We fiud coifee quotod thus in our latest Ntw York fcxehauges : "Itio. !):)j lo 11 cents in bond (tliat is, beforo tho tariff is paid,) 14 to 17 ' dufy paid," gold. Tbe sume coííee is worth in tbe interior, in currency, 21 to '23 cens. In other words, every pound of coffea, before it enters into tlic market, is taxed by tlie governmetit from íive lo si iu gold, and this tax is mid: liy (he iiuporter lo the original cost and charged to the country uierchact, and by him collceted fruui t:io cousmner. üut fuy iliis ta.iff, Ui cofTee would bo sdld heru al iiftoen aud sixtcen ceuts a pound. aKJ the cousumer would gave the differenoe, v-ay from ix to seren cents. The Radical uational adiuiniülrati m colleets iu each ycar uiany mülious ol dollars tbrough this iari'1' dovice, anü becausa the tax gathercr does uut aesess ihe ain .uut üpou each individual taxpayer, Ihe people are 1 ardly aware of the burden ihey beur, or, it awaio of it, they attribulu it to other couses. Tbe labüring man who paja the grocery meruhant iti Solma twenty-three eens a pound for c-iffee, does not knotv tbat he is paying ono-fo:irth of ihat puui as a t:ix to the GoverLJinoiit ; but he does koow thut hia coil'ee and his ax aud big plow and bid nünu'nt oost him a gruat deal moro than they nved to beforo the Radicáis obtained power nnd made the laws. The collector of the tariff on any articlo, colleets the eutiro amount ou each importatiou from tho iaiporter, whieh couipels the iiuporter to put u bighef prico ujion the article taxed, and thijn the jobber first, and afterwarda tho retiiiler, must add the turiíT to what it wo ,ld otherwisê oost lliom, and, ulso, a percentage of profil on tho taiiff as viell as the cost proper. So the conumer, in t he end, paya the tariff mpóflëd by the Government, and to the dealers a protít piircent'ige thereon. Iu fact, it is tbrough the tariff th:;t the gevornmeut inaiiily reaobes tbo labering man, who huS DOtbins ih.-it the direct tax collector cim rtaoh, and who, tbcroforc, in blissful gnorahoe ;f the caaae of hia burdem, imagines that he paya no taxea. IJo lias no neorne, nothine; embiaoL'd in the sohedules. if thu Internat K:vcnbe Department; but lic driuks taxed cúfico, ea's willi a txed knife and fork, wears a taxed clii't sleepa between taxed heets, works wilb ta.xcd iiiip'.ciiioiits, shavcs wiih a taxed razor, sinooths bis hair witli a taxed brufh - pay ibis direct tax ou evorytbing he touches or uses, nnd but fortbis tax could live just as wcll on KCurcolv moro than half tbat it now costs hini. Kverybody knows tbat it costa twice as iiiucli to live huw as it clid beJToró tlio irar, and Ibat tilo dispariiy in tbo value ofourrenoy will uot account for tbin. Few suspect that they are pajidg tbeir inoroaea expenfes tn 1 5i ; "best goterDmeut tlie world ever saw," and tlmt thëir liaid earnings go in this way to fill the poolfeta of jobbers and "rings"' and tlic favoritos of a Kadieal President and tbo Radio] hendí f departmeots In the nuiiotiiil govurniuuiii, ;ih in tl;o State Uovernment, Kadicalism is au exponaive luxury; and o both, the real bunlcus full ugmi ibO laboüng mawes, ifrboue swciittind bl od aro coined ioto dVóobma ('or the btuefit of t lic "loyal" aud favored few. The " dog census " of t!ú couptry ie spjd id foot up about 0,000,000, shown' ii iiRToase fully prnpnrtiouatc to that o tlit; Uumao pupulation.


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