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A Synopsis Of Bismarck's Last Circular

A Synopsis Of Bismarck's Last Circular image
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Berlín, Oct. 4. Tbo followiug 3 a more extended synopsis of the circular rocontly issned by Count Bisiuarck to the representalives of other contrio9 n Bcrlio, menti'in of wbioh has already been made. In lis circular Bumorojc adniits tliat t'vre's representation of what passed 1 1 t!ie interview may not liave been wrong, betwuse tbe conversation was 1 mj?, anti ninny propnitinno were p - p eü and discufceil. Jiisainrek did B iy a new Mosullo District, to be strong1 proteoted :ind Doluding tbo arondiss■ikmiis of Sarrbruckon, Chateau, Salins. Baargemund, Mptz nnd Thionvil e would be doniiiniled by Prussia, but lie tiok pains to xuy tliat this mtglit uot b all the territory exaoted. Favre sni( otrasbourg wan the key of tho bouse, no explaining which house, tho Germán o French. FVvre in u previous convers; liad said he was willing to piy as flit price of peace all tho nioney Franco hac but he rofusud lo listen to any territori ui surrander. Ife addcd thdt if bucI ■(.-.-iüii iva.i a n ind spensuble require ment of Piussia negotiation was uceless aa it iiivolved France in dii-liouor. lik luarck rèntioded him that they wcrt tonus suuh ns France had foresd on Itiily und i xac'icd froiD CJ r.-uany, evei without a previous war, and that tbc honor of the Freoch was Dot keener thau that of othcr people. Favre de cl ned to recognize the precedaots or eee hüv lit le tlie honor of Franco was con oerocd wiih the preeorvation of tl;e teiritorial thcfts .f Louis XIV., or of the republic, or of the iirst empire. The queniion of an armialioe was only disaubSL'd at Ferrieriv. 'l'lio Bta;cm-nt iherefore, that I had refujed an uraiitico at a precedinir interview ia faise. Il was Bgreed a'. the Ferrieres meeting thl ao aruiiatiej would bu p s ible if Frame would give Prussia guaruntees agaiurt destroymg the advantagcs of the p e i n she has earued in the war. Th se guaiaotees iuo'udcd rotentidii ui torlresses on the liaes of oornmunicatiou aud the hnndin nvcr f the fortifications of P.ria peuiiiug negotia'ion'-, or else a co iiWsivling point near the cily. It would have been iaipusaiblc for Prnssia to al'o Paris free inler(!ourso with the cointry, as the city miglit thi;s have reciived supplied aid reiaforcementr-. Favre rofused ihese tcrms, but promiaed to consult his colleiifues in tl. e goverumaot at Paiis 'J'ho programmo he carriod back and fubmitted includad au aruiitt ce of lifleen or twenty d;ys to perffiit the mceiing of the Constituent Assembly, the maiutenanue of tho military etatus bef.iio Paris aud tl.e contiuuance (if hostilitiea under C9rtain limitation, and the turreucUr of Slrasbourg, Toul and Bitiche. The refusal of these terms must convincc mankind that the Freoch Government believe their icocptanue would produce peace, but whicb was Lot lesirid by them.


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