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How To Cook Vegetables

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It is íerrcd tliat a meal frorn vegetables docs Bot satisfy. I fouiid t frequently h.ippened tliat tbe persons who thus objec ted, did not know even how to boil a vegetable. Tlie rule is simple, and must neïer be forgotten. Every kind of a Tegetable inteoded to be eerved whole ehould, when put to boil, be placed at onco in boiling water ; aod tbia applies especially to potatoes, and vegetables froin whioh the outar cover bas been removed. Now it often happens that potatoes, &c, are, to Bave time, placed in cold water and left to boil gradually. It ia ibis vfhich allows the nutritious matter to escape, and renders the meal very unsatisfyiog. When, on tbe con trary, the water boila from tbo moment ít is immersed in it, the albumen is coaggulated nar tho surfoce, and serves to Tetain the virtue of tbo vegetable. Tlie reverse is, ofcourse, the rule for rnaking loup, or any dili froin hich the water will not be drained. By placing the vegetables ip. colj water ilie albumen is slowly dissolved, and nctually mixes with tbo watCi' - a procesa most ncoessa ry for the procíuction of i.u:ritious soup. It is to be hoped thut tliose who have a special nced for the most their money eau produco, will learn, n whatever bnste thoy niay bc, not to boil all the albumen from their potatoep, reaorving for their meal the starchy uiattcr. -


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