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Spend Wisely

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- Look toyour ing. JNo matter what comea in, ïf more gocs out, you will nlways bo poor. The art is not in makiüg moncy, but in keping it little expensep, likc mico in a' bnrn, when they are ïnnny, make grcat waste. Hair by bair heads gel bald. - Struw by straw the tbatch gocs off the cottage, aod drop by drop the rain comes iiito the chmnbcr. A barrol is don empty, if tbe tap leaks but u drop n minute. When you men to save begin witb your mouth ; tlicro are many thiovcs down tbe red laño. Tbe alé jugis .1 great waste. In all other things keep within compass. ín c'othes choose Rllitable and lostiog etuff, and not tawdry finories. To bo wurm is tlio m;u:i tliing ; never mind tbn looks. lovcr stretch ynur legs further thnn tbe hlinkel will reach, or you will pooq be cold. A fooi muy mnke monoy, bnt it needs n wiss mn to spend it. Kemenaber it ig easicr to buüd two chimneys thnn to keep one going. If you givo all to bnok and board, there is notbini; left for the savingg bank. Fare hard and work hard wbile you aro young, and you havo a chance of rest whon you ara old.


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