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Bismarck On The Situation

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koudon, Uct. 25. A' correspondent! nt ílio headquariers rf'tbe Prussiune, at Versajllce, writee, October l'!H6 : I liad an opportanity to hear lisuifirdírn opinión icgarding tbe politica) and mifitury tlunt.oo. He declarcd that the position 9? Prugsra had never changed from the hour of the declaration of war by Fiance to the present. She was eompelled unwilling ly to draw the sword. He declared tfiey would ncver shealli it till Germatiy was afe frora tbe futuro cruel assaulle, snibition and insolence ol lier unpriucijjled Bemhhor, H-e inakes the same dechiruttou uow, confideiit in the justicc of tho cause. Bisiuaruk said : We autieipoted ictory, but it wan ltfi the experienco of war to tash us what guaraDtees nould effectnally eccomplisb the object we had in view at the comraeucement. The blnod, treusure and suffei ing it oost U8 to via uur past victories cmiviiioe the Prussiau niition that tiiey cao Lope for no fu.ll securiiy without ïeolaimiog those territorie.f wrenched ííorn Gonuauy for llie puiposes of agyersion, lust and comjuest. Pruseia oarnestly di mrc peace, but only penco wiiich will give Lull security (or the fuirire Hii reply to the tjuestion whetlier Gernifliiy is-able to etaud a long campaign, bc sai'J Uie people who talk of ilie exnaustion of (-eriL'auy ara ulterly ig. noraut of the fact that we have Urge resources at haud and that the bardest work is over. Wliite ws are anxious for ptco we have no fear ior tbe future. Kegirdinp; an nrmistico ie Hid tbe ohanoeg of war compliusted' the negotianone for pcace. Prusia i willing to 1 ütcu to propoHals eeking the end of Whr frow any ijuarter Hkely. to lead tu practical resulta in view of the disorgnriisad state of Franco, no matter wliethcr it comes from the ex-empire or the present provisional government. But an armisticfr ís tiseless, onlcss wade bo Bs to )ei)d' to peace.


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