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Worn Out

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You sa y tliut the sim is shilling, Thai buds aré upon the trees, Tliat you hear the laufili ol' ilie waters, Tin: liumiulngof early bees; lam plcasured by youe of these - I a ni weury ! Let me alone ! The sik-ncc Jv BWeeter thau song to in'! Driirtr thnii light is ilarkness To the (.yes tliat loatlie to see ! 'Tis better to let me be- I nu weary ! I have raltered and fallen - The race was bnt begUD : I mi ashamud, aml I inuniiur, " Oh, tlie ilay wens done !" ]Iov can I love the sun, Wli o uin weary ? What wül you ilo for the flower Tliat is cutaway at the root ? If the wing of the bird be brokin, What wonder the bird la inule? Oh, pcace ! tliat no inore dispute- i ani weary ! I wül give you a to'Kon - A token by which to know Whin 1 have (oTgottea the trouble - Tne trouble tliat tires rae so Tliat I can no further iro, JJeinff weary. Wlion you sliall oonie soine inorniiig And stand beslde niy bed, Au .1 sec the wonderfuj pul lor That over my tace is spread, Shrink not. Hut retnember I sald 1 was weary. tlu Old iimst rail and crumble Öefore we cac try thé tsew ; ■Ve must taste tliat the Polse is bitter Befoie we can crave the True ; Vhis done, tliere'á no more tó do, Bétns weary. Only to droop the eyelids, t.'n]y to bow the head, Aníl to jiass fron t lioso who are sigliinj;, I ' " Alus ! for oiir friend is U':id !" Uut reuieiiiber how said, " I am weary !"


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