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School Taxation In Iowa

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If tlie ' heathen Chinee" who imposed upon ïruthful Jumes and William Nye wcre to exteud his travels westward to he Hawkeye Sta'e. we are confident hat the settlers of Guthrie connty, ow, could instruct hitn in a "game he d cot undirsar.d." A real estáte gent at Panora.JSutrieonlg ty--. eird how it happens ihat the tnxes f non-resident liind owuers are so high n that State : "HIGH TAXES AN'D THE CAD3E." "Nearly Ihrne-fourlhs ot the taxes in owa are for school purpose. How ap)litd? Id a very thinly set'led township, not inore than for(y miles froin here, a ■i-m concludt'S he ïnu-t havo a school br his children. Ue applics to the Board of Sub-Directors of his township to have a how district set off,which will )lace him ab ut the center and alono in t. He next clects himself Sub-Direi'tor 'or liis diatrut, un I aguin applie- for au aipropriation to buil d a echool house 'or his district, wiiicb is, of courne, aranted, amouuting to from 8800 to 1,000. ïbis money he uses to build iini8lfa tw o story house, iuniishina; the upper story for a school-rouui. He ihen usos the ooutiagent fund to buy limself a cook stove witli which to beat ;he school-room. Ho places the stove in the lower room, which he occupies for his dwolling, nd passes the pipe up tbrough the tschool-ronrn, whero he attaches a large drum. This done, he erajlnvs hií wile as teacher for probubly 5-j0 or 840 por montb, and as there are no ohildrtn beside his ow ia the district, lis wifj h 'S sn ensy time. ïhus the sch o! fund furnishes him a home, fuel, omplovuifiit for his wife, etc, and the nou-rcsidenl land-owners pay for it. This case is not alone, but raany other localities aro afflicted to a greater or less extent."


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