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--JJJgitill CESTRAL RAII-ROA. OVEMKNT OF TRAINS. , pananger ""'1 FreiRht trains on the :íiíTtr,iiK;nlrim(lnowloave thi Btntion af : OOINO WKtT. ' t)n H'i.. 1 &',„ 8 30 A.M. BffW'' 10 30 a. Y. ssra u , ST " :::::::: J " i:2 "í'rt 8 10A.M. t.coch n(lbgRge carand makes alliij. CTtSURBORn lORTHKltV RAILI1' ' RO4D EOJIPY. geftluft uf the Stock holilt-rs of this 1 on Frlday last, tlie fullowing i men, li:'vln" 1)0" ii'iaiilinouslv notnti !ƒ conimitti-e previously ppoint te dulv elecled Directora of the Com W. Morgan, Silus H. DougUsi, rjooley, Chas. Trlpp, D. Henntng, , Jas elemento, K. A. Bcal, C. vtacH, H. Oi. Williams, auil Joscph II. i t ii tUe elcction tweuty flvchuiidred votos out ud # tor the partics elected. inity npcaks wcll for the future ljaterprlse. The partles now placed ,: che irk have evidently the jjjjceof tilt lucklioliiers, and we un gj0Í propose to push forward the road „ijlygstlic circumstances will dl. Tliey wilt at an early day ünish the x sultfcriptioii, now in somcwhal of a iiolic coniiitioii. By the act Of the Comooen iicurly ?100,0U0 of stock subJ(riptioniret'(l tü takcu was uevcr jtatdopon ihe book. In o few days -rtitswill lx; waited upoii to consuminate lieir mbscrïptlous. This completed aiul t bonl placed in possession of their acliil nfiitó resources, they will at once, lWM ik anioun t pro ve s u ffleien t to graJe, feimi bridge the road, proceeil toopea ue.„iunswith rcsK)iisil)Ie parties to iron, KOtk, Dd mi' t. Ai soou as these arjjjtoeulscan le coiisuimnatoü the work , i rlgowosly pushtd forward to au arij coinplctioii to Anu Arbor. We dejtloiinpress our people south of and intere of Ann Arbor tbat, attkoügb a .il of Directors has been elecLed, use Diroctors caniiot, if thcy would, uill tie road without the heany and 4etiil co operation of all vvho are interesti Tiiisisas it should be. We shoulil ütdestre the Directors to procuod apon iifoncertainty. Count carefully the cost olcomparc this with the resources, and ItAlHtppear tint the roal can be gnútl,lietl, bridged, ironed, stockod, and run íú'svorablcconnectious aud without a acrllce of the mouey invested, then go ilnil. The men whoare elected Directors rilnukea hannouious body. ïhey are Klaecustonied to Zail in any enterprise Unypattlieir hands to, and we are confltoüliey UI uot in this i( their effurts are omfe4 s citlzcns who are supposed to ure tfiegoodcf the city at heart, and who irenut uumiudiul of their owu individual mk , - Tlie Board of Directors Uas organized F tèe electton of the following offleers : Praidenl-S. H. Douglass. YiuPraident- Chas. Tripp. hntey- E. V. Moroan. Aaduuw we hope to see thlugs pushed


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