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Winter Effects Of Summer Droughts

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Western bortioulturisla imve Buffered inuüii frrnh s protrdoted drouglit tliin Buiuujor, aud it uiav tmt bi aniU.H to reluiud theuj, tbat dia consequences will not b ov.;r willi tbe tirst ruin. It is well kiiown uuw li. m the vitallty uf planto is aü'eeted by uutoward eirciüiistanoefi rüt.ywuch au anímala are. A half lrvud ibbo, or one affotod witb a long euer7!.ting, bumnjer's heat, will have Lia constitutiva io weakened thut bs fal! au ey prey to ibu irst eoemy. 80 a plaut which grows ou por s„il h)8 col tho of Moiing up lalcnt beat, as it bas DutUiog to itore froiu, and is e8ily Uillftd by a glight froit, while muierotber ciroimistanodg it would oud uro very bard weather. Aain a ilunt iu vory wet grottod is iuoapablé oí proporly orgimiaiog il food ia Bummer, nd it ulso givBs Yuy undor a 8%bt oold. Tho Eli'cot i;f great euiatner heat is jugt tbe som. Tb; grat evaporation takes uil the mojctturtt, uiïd üODe is left fur tbe e!atoruliuu of food. A plant wliiol) cuffdis fur Wnt of water in aum - Jlr -"-- --■'-- ---.,■ - cal, bat uru cxplanatious of fauts wbich havo a tually ooqiirredi It will tiicrofore, b well i'or trióse nbo bavo rare plauts er trees whieli tiey plize, to look uli'.ad at tbcse prohabiliti ia. Onoof tlio büüt tiiingd tu be done, ae a preouutiouury measure, ia to top dress wilh a liítla iiiauure any tn;e likely to suller. Miinuru uot only feeds rools but oucüuraas tbuir production ; and tliii will ÍL0reut.e tbo opptirtuijitit-s of tho plant to luy up the uecessary iug iiialuml jet, beicro tho growhiLT piiouiple ooasiis ts ao'ive work. Bc)■():, u Hiis a Hule proteotiou fro:n cold wiudg, wliero the valuublo spcjlio: saro in cxposed placus, w.ll bo very u.iül It m:iy not be out of plaoe to DOtiee t'uar Ki h tho discovery if tliese faots ibont the CüU-ies of wiutcr düstruotiun oomcs u !W view of tho valaa ot tliormoaietriottl obsurvatious. &.t one timo it wa-1 BiijipoteiJ that the tarkiug öf & thonnou. (or would indioato cxactly thu lcf;ree of cold a pltvnt would stand. It w-b o wUh aniiauls liut we üdw kuow that Wü ot'ton suffer more frotn Iioat whti' tho 'hermoinetor is at 85 deg. than whcn ut 05 Jou;, and aome will suffur moro at oue tonipeiaturc tliao others will. Tam is owiug to the varying ture ot oüiír eleiueuU as well as mere hent, aud tlia varyiug dogrees oí' vitalitv n individúala. Tbo thermometer, tberefore, is of litlle valuó iu dutermiuing whíit i plant v i 1 1 stand, aud the long tablea uf pluuts aid dtrecs pooplü ued to tak. so imicb troub-lo tu maku up aro low of iiulu uioic uso[thaa waste paper. lloro is tlio axiora to remember ; the bardiaeea f planta ia dependent on thoir vttiility, and this is ngaiii depeudeat o tkair ibility to miiiiit.iiu ho:;t uader faVürablo ciruums'auces.


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