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The Week Of Prayer In 1871

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The Hou. Willum E. Dodge, President the Evaugelioal Aliiaiü-o of the Uuitod States, aud tho ü.:v. Dr NoaU rr u-l 1. nu: ,. „r ii xi t;_ progranjiU'j. su;staitialiy tiia same as tliat ios:ied by llio lLvi!)geiicnl Allianco iu foreigu oooutries, for the auuual week of priiyr, begiuning Su:iday, Junuary 1, 1S71 : Sundti'j, January 1. - Sermons. Subject : Iiijpirntion of Holy Sor'pture ; its suffioioncy nnd sole nuthority for religinui faitb aud practicw. Monday, Janwrx) 2.- Prayer. Grataful review of tho past, oalüng for ronewed confidenoe aud for inci'eased devotedi:s-t ; liumiliuüou íor the worldluess o( the Charoh; and for uationit silis pi-ovokiurt diviue judgrueut. Tuesday, January 3 -Prayer for nation ; for all in authority ; for soldiera and sai ora ; for all who havo eufforod in tho ree ut v;:ir und for the blessiugs of poac.c. , Weclnesday, Jatiuary 4. - Prayer fof the couversiou of the ohildren ; for Sunday schools, and all seminarie of learniuc. aad for the raising up of more laborera in Christ's service. Thursday, January 5. - Prayer for the outpouring of tha Iïoly Spirit on all who profess and oall themaelves Chrifltiaus ; for tha inorcaso of all charity ; aud of affouticnato communioa aad ooopoiition amoug all, in every land, who love tho Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Friday January 6. - Prayer for tha ciruulutiou oi tlie Word of God, for a blesding oo religious literature, for aa end of roligions persacution, and for tha removal of all reügioua hiudraacea to ïead of tho Gospel. Saturday, Janua-y 7. - Prayer fur Christian uiissiüns, for the conversiouof the world, uud lor iha "glorious appearaaoe of our Lord Jesús Christ.' Sundín, Jaunanj 8. - Serraous. Subjeot: EiÁi Hopo and Ljvc - csseutisl wilüoísci íor t lie (i


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