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The Value Of A Scrap-book

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Every ono who tases a newapaper, whijüi ho in the U i=t dogree appreuiatos, will ofieh refreí to t-eo hny one mimber tlnowu asido for wasto paper whicli contaiofi toiiiu iiiiei-Lsting and important artioles. A gQod vvny to preserve these is by th.' =J of a serap-book. Oho who hut never been cciitü ;;ed 'lius to pre; seive short articled o iu bardly öt-timatè iho pit .iV'id.ito sii down aud turn over llie pjeasijnt and familiar Horu ;i i lioic1 piooü of poeUV no-.tathtí t'v , whicV .you retpcniber ;oii i glad lo sea in the p'aper, but wh'cli yu woujd long sinos have los? lad it not beoo fur your scrap-book. Fliöre is a wïity anécdota - it does oii uojiI lo laag'n uvo it yet, though for iho weattsitb tmi'. Nest i-i a vulaablo roeipt yon bad almost forgotton, nd wliiob you have i'o ü.d ja-t iu lime te sivü niiiü'u n-v[ lcr.i.y. Tbjfte in ft sweet little story, thé memory of whieb. l;as c'ioo.-ed au'i cuuiuraged you many u time wben almost ro-idy to defpair under tlio presuro of He oireí and tii. Indoe !, you can biïdly tu.Uo qp a B'nglíj without pcmaing i. Jast glanoe over tho shoet befuta yóu, and sa how uniiy va!uble itenid it contains that would bo of Bcrvieo t: you a hundred times in lif; A choioo tboaght is fur more precious thán a b:t of glitteriflg ruld. Hoard wiüi ciru the preciouB aorei, aud ace at tho e:)d of i oar what a i oh trewure yoü bavo iccumu'.ated. Corpas ncíf as in equivalent íor meat produuuií; tood, if' u doei not rictually producá It. It Biivus tLfi powera uf tb liíidv, if it docs not creato tliem. It ia lke tha oil o niacliiuery - t is a proservjr of forco. uitlul!! without forcé tsll.


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