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Best Family Magazine in Al: t, láíÉp JillM, C'onductea-by Ji. G. HOLLAND. Xcarlzr 0.000 COTIE8 of First Xumbcr Solt! .' L'Utin MnunZ-iNörö in dfttii TOR $3 A YEAR ! IIAVIJÍG I".:iiCHASED FUTAM'S MAGA2INB, HOUSS AT ÍI0.M3 and the RIVBRSIDE MAGAZINE, i! circn].it:on, as well as Mhebett contribntors tu uil these uld favoritos, in addition u tiio (tbte corps of wrlters, iu bjth tQls cour.try abdLurt)pe, pri viuutly '. n jih.y, we i .■■ ■■. I ted to uil'tT n .■.m:.ym.í;az!m; America At t ï Vciy Lou' Prlce of L3 n Ytar-Xo i Uil llates. ■1 Iiy Dr. J. (Ï.IIolTitcomD), a&bittted bj ablu men in all . ■ i erj aambei is l'IIUFUSELY ILLUSTRATED ! ; snd Pnbllsh rs re flilly addlng to ■ , ; i i;)auíiiio attrictie; n m'UI ■ . ■ u,:ik ■m;1i numbec au imrcdosessor. TflH GRA?iO SERIAL STORY DtftiALÖ, tfie : -ii tit irs. '.'ivimber Numlier contaiu au original póem briJliaul lory !y KKUECCA IIAItütNG ■ ; a BdmbtouB ffaeia, Jeremy Train- uil ;.ud a nurabcr of othtr stiikiiiy cuntriin:. 'ït nnmber is cspecially rich ra ilcto laction. A Charmlog Taanksof Cftpecial luterest ti En■ aud all Interested In great public Improve . UB tiic QOQMC Tllliljil; Ci.ui-.w l'otm., EsBfuNewYork, : Ou to Bcrliu ; Articies ■ ■ .' , :. , &0 , &C. : i'AÜTJIEST. rand ïïoliday Number, Ui' whicli we print IOO OOO COPIES . . extra page, Chrti tinas lirlítma lllmtratlons, CHEI8TL OHiEMSTStiS CAHOL B Y THE EDITOR, &c , &■;.,- will beone r tbe most beaottinbere of k ma.izine ever isuucd to the publici [ u III oñtaln the beginalng if a story, iu hia most bïüliaut vcin, y na Chris tian Audcrsen, pabllcátlon In Denmark. Ilustraied UIIRISTMAS STORY .il plot, hy a celc-bruu-d writcr. :' the liticst eories of ■ i r preparad In thiscoun::i original drawlngs by ouo of the nratof ■ . tiste. Otnêr Éirülng features wüllji' uounced. IÍ0W 13 THE Tlïïi"T0 SCBSCEIBE. aOMl .V A H0U1UY PSESBSf Of A !;■,;■■, 8ÜB8CBIPriON ÏO SIÍER'S MONTHLY. I Ol'T, 30 CEN-TS. .■ anted cverywhere. Scribnev & Co.4 SN BROADWA1 , N. Y. Go toR.W.ELLlS & CO'b ; ohoiceWinesandLiquorf I for Medical Purposes .


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