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Points Of Etiquette

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Don't gpeak of persons, with wbom you are slightly aoquaioted bj their fiml name. Irritabiiity is a breaoh of good mora!g as woll as good manners. Oentle courtesy wo owa to all. Bo punotual. It is alwayg anaoyiog to be kept waitiutf and often a serious detrirnout to ono's bueiiic. Auiwer a civil queation pleasantly and kindli', even if you are in a hurry. Jokes are dangurous thingg, to be used like gunpowdor, with extreme oaution. If possible, always be at the station a few minutes liefore the train starts - (ieltiog aboard after the train is in rootion is not faroral)le to bod il y safety, nor to thut calmness of mind wbioh leadg us to net wisely. Don't he diíturbcd if ynu -find the best seats taketi. Aa do one kuew you wtre coming, of oouree, they did Dot reservo one. H ve your ticket ín your hand. Conduotors havn't alwaya tbe time to wait cl 1 1 the portmotiaie, pocket and traveling bag aro Bearched, before receiving it. We once envc a lady, wben the conductor demandad hor ticket, dive to the lowermost dspths of ber traveliog bag, vvlieie she clutohed sotnotbiucr Irautioally, aDd, in hlind l'.aste, handed the waiting officer, a fine tooth comb, supposinjï it io be her ticket, which she aftarward found in the folds of her garmont. Whsa a cjr is orovvied, don't fill thè Seat with your bundies. True politetioss is nút amiss even amid the confu sion aud buBlle of a publio conveyance. If an open window proves uncomfortab!e to another, you will close it. Don't fidget with the bands or feet. Let iIüdc the watch chain and necktie. Quiet easo without itiffaess, indícate gentltt breed'mg Whispeiing in churoh ia impolite- - oaidea disrospectful to the speaker, lï extremely anuoying to those who wiah ) hear. Coughir.g should bu avoided t much as poasible. Sleeping with its 'requent accompaniruent, iooring, had jutter be done at home.


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