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To Train A Horse To Stand

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Take your hnrse on the bain floor ant tlirow a trap over hij liack and lasle it to bis right fore loot ; leiid him alon and say "whoa," at the t-nmt; timo pal down the strap, which throws Lint o three foet and niakeshiin atop suddenly Th'H i the bobt way to teach whon tbough you can put on tho war Iriillo nud eny whoa, and give hini a eharp jer t La t will stop him ahciut au son us th strap to his foot. Tben put him in bar ihbb, with the foct ptnip as directeĆ¼ un der the head of "Training to Horsen, and diie him up to the door. The mo ment lie undertakes to move, tuke iii foot and say whoa. Get in jour car r'e and get out asrain ; raltlo th thilU, niake all the ooiie gettidg in aii( outyouciin; give him to undtrsiaiu by snalching liin font oach lime he move tiiat he must ntnnd until jou tel! him t go ; nnd ufter a few timen you can po the whole fiunily into the carriage anc he won't otir out of his tracks. - Amtrtcan Stock Jntrnal. A stranger ridiug about Hartford, reTOn'ly, noliced, in pasning over College Ril', the fino brunze atatue of the late Bii'iop Hrownell, and inquired of the driver, " Who that V' "1 duBoo'was the rep'y. " One of them brass ineurIHt BtD, I g'p08."


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