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Napoleon And The Letter M.

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Some genius, with a taite for tho ouriuin in fuete and the supernatural in peculation, han uiade the following discoveriea of tho wondorful powor of the wonderful powera of tho letter 51. Mnrbccuf was tho first to recognize tho genUB of Napoleon I. at the Military Ooilege. Marengo was tlie first great lttle won by General Uonaparto, and Melas uiado room for him in Itely. Mortier was oug of hia best generáis ; Moreau butrayed liiiu, and Murat was the fiist martyr to hia cause. Mario Louiso hured liis highost fortunes Mosco was the abyss of ruin into which he feil. Metiernieh vuniu:shed hun in the Geld of diplorcacy. Six marshsls j nona, Mortier, Marmont, Macdouakl, Murat, Moncey,) and twenty-six generala of división under Napoluou I., bad the lettt,r "Wt"for their ioitial. Maret, Duke of liassano, Mras hia moet trusted eouusellir. Ilii firgt batt! waa that of Mouteuotte, hio lust Mont St Jeau, n tho Frouoh term Watrloo. He won tho battles of Millesmo, Mondovi, Montniirail, and Mentereau ; then carne ihs itormiog of Aluutinartre. Milan nis the first enemy'a capital, and Moscow the lat, into which he marchad viotorioui. Ho lost Egypt through Monou, and employed MioJlia to take Piun VU. pristmer. Mallot conspirad agaiust him ; Murat waa the first to deaort biui, theu Marmont. Three of bit minietera were ÍJaret, Montaliret, aod Malliou; Lis first ohamburlain wai Moatosquieu. lliu last haltiag-plaa wa Maiuiaison. He gurreuderod to Capt. Maitland of the Bellerophon, and hia cornpuuioua in St. Huleua wero Montlioleu and hs Talet Marchand. If we turn to the oreer of hia nephew, Napoleon III., we fiud the aame lotter no lena prominent, aud it ia said that tlia oaptive of Wilholuishohe aUachcs even greater iioportnoe to iti myHtio luüuoncsi toas tfid bu únele. Tbo Eai pre wub couDtsss Mónlijo; ítia groat ent frieud was Morny. The takiug of Malokcff &nd Minolouvert were ííi exploii of íhe Criiaean war, paoaliarly i''rnoh. lie plauned bis first battlo of Itaiiaa oampaign ai Marcugn, although it W68 Dot fought UDtil fier the engagement of Montebello, ttod, Jlagoata. - MacMabou, for iinportaut üíctíoq in kbis battle, whs jamad tila Duke of Magenta, aa Pellisier had for a similar merit received the titla of Duke Mulakoíf. Mapoleoa III. tbea made bis entry iiito Xilmi, and drove tba Austriaiis oul of Marignano. After the fearful batile on tbs Minólo of Solferino, he turnad baak before tha wall of Mantua. 'íhus up to 1859, siooa when the letter JI would saem to have been omioous of evil. Pussing over Meiioo aud Mauíailian, we see how vain were bis hopeo, founded od threa M's of the presoit war - Marshal MoMalion, Count Montauban, and tbe mittrailleuiíe ! Mayeuca nati to have boeu thc basa for tha furtaer operations of the Frenoh army, buS, pushed baok at first to the Mosello, iis doom was íoaled ou the Meuse, at Sodan. Latly we huve to notice the fall of Metz ; and all these lalo disasters are ovving to another M. whioh is iuiiuioal to tho third Napoleon ai;d that is a capital M Moltko.


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