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Count Bismarck's Power

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Sinoe the days of llicuelieu no statesmnn hns held a great nation so finnly in his grasp aa Bismarck has hold Prussia tbr the last few years. Witli n loynlty to hiB king which remiotls one of tho feudal ages, ho has in renlity bocotne as much "the State" as Louis XIV boasted that he wa?. His aggressivo and darinz plans fr the developmonl of Prusian power has boen so steadily pursued ud have so ahaped evonte, that he hns irtually beoome the wiil as well a the )raios (.f the great movpiwnts n whi(A bo most brilliant campaijms in hiftory ro but more episodes. Back of all tho )attles, marche, diplomctio msneuvers, nd popular ciovements for Germán uniy, we can fee tho unrelaxmg pressuro iressuro nnd inspiratioo of oie mnstory miüd and of ono almost snperliiüuan will. Nowhere n all history cn wo r.d an pjxcli ID wbich tha moral power and intelloo'.ual irusp of one man seemed so fully to coctrol and sbape events in tbat whose blocdy end sterns cow so near at hand.


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