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The Story Of A Valentine

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When my f'riend Capt. Terrible, U. S. N., diues at my plain ublo, I am ahvays a little abashed. 1 know that be bas buen a'.:cu? slwajs to a variety of wints and sauces, to a cigarette after each course, aud to u oookury thut woulii kill au uri'ieveloped American. So, wh'u tlie caotain turtis tbe castor round ihrce times beforo selecting his coudiment, and wbeu liis eyes scuo) to be Boeking for WorcesttTshire sauce aod Burguudy wine, I feui the poverty of' tbe best t'east I cun furnisb him. J am ufraid veteran roagaii.e reactors will feel ihiis ubout the odd little btory I have to teil. For I have bbserved of late tbat cvoil tlie s' ort stories are biglily éeaeousd; and I cannot bear to disuppoint readers. 8(f le me iusl honeslly write over the gateway to lïïii htory a wari)i;i;. I hawe üo Giiyenne pepper. No Worcester.-bire sauce. No e ■gniic. Mu cigarjttos. No umrders. No brokeu hearts. No Ioviüü' ';uari'-li-. No augry lathor. ITo pistola and outiet'. No arsenic. Ko laudanum. No shrewd detectives. Mo trial lor murder. No 'heirtless coquette." No "deep dytd villain witb a curling moustacbe' Now if, after t!Ü8 y&nng, you have tbe courage to go on, I am not respontiible. Hubert Bnid I aaigiit priut it it' I would disuise the nnincs. It canje out (juite lucidentally. e wcre discussing iho uonsun qu stion. I úin u "wouiau's. rightcr." Hubert - thu licv. llubert Lee, I hhould cay, pastor oí' thu "First Churcli," and, iidcecl, the Óply ch.yrch n Alleudale - is uot, tliougli I llattor rnysclf 1 have made soiuo imprcHsioij oo biui. But the lüscassion took place in Ilubert's owu house, aud wit-hjug togive a iikasaut turn at the end, I &uppose, he told we how, i ycar snd a half before, lie had "uscd up" ooe woiua'e rights [iiao, wbo was no other than old Dr. Hood, the physician that hns had charge of the physicül heabh of Hubert and inyself fiurn the be;Dnin. Unlike most of his profefsio;i, the doc'.or has always bocu a radical aud eveu the weal'h iliat bas co:ne in upon hiin ot late ycars bas ltft him ijui'e as much of a radical, at least in theory, as ever before. Indeed, the old doctor is not very inconsistent in practice, for he has cducatcd bis oflly ííaughter, Cornelia, ta his own profe8sion, and I believe she tcok her M D, with honors, though she has lately 8poiled her prospecta by marryiug. But socially he has become a little aristocratie, Beejqngan exjlusive asociation with tiis wealtby iR-igiibors. And this does uot look very well in the oofl who,' wheu he was poor, was partioularly bitter on a "purse proud aibtocracy." I euppose Hubert feit this. Certaiuly I did, and thercfore I enjoyed the godversation that he repeated to me all the' more. It üceuis thut uiy fritnid Hubert had been away at ttiL .soï'iiüry for three years, aud tbat having at laat conquered iu bis great baltU agarïnst poverty, and having gained an educatiou in spite of diöieulües, and havinf eupplied a city oburch acceptably for somc months duriüg the of the pastor in Europe he carne back to our nativo vül'.ge to rest on ii ie laurel a few wotks, and decide which of three rather ioapecunious ealls be would accept. Wbeo just sibout to leave ho took it nto his head, for sopje roasou, to "drop j" on oldj Doctor Hood. It waa niue o'clock n the morning, and the doctor's partner was makiug tnorning calis while the old gentleman sat n his office to altend to any that might seck bis services. This particular moruiog bappened to bo an unfortunate oue, lor tnere were do agueshaken putients to bc sceu, aud thero Tías cot oven a case of minor surgery to relieve the iedicusnees of C'o moruing office-bour. Perhaps it was for this reason, perhaps it was for the s;.ke of old actjuaintance, that he gave Kubert a most coïdial reoeption, and launehcd at once into a sea of vivacious talk. Coruolia, wbo was in the office, excused herself on the ground that she was crainming for her final exainination, and st-ated lierseli' at ü wiudow with u book. "I an) afraid I take jour time, doe tor," said Hubert. "O no, I am giving up practice to my paxtnor, l)r. Beek, and shall give it all to bim in a year or two." "To hirnand Miss Cornelia?" qutried Hubert, laughing. For it was currtutly reported that the young doctor and Cornelia wero to form a ]artnerBhip in other tban profcisional aflairo. Eiiber becausö he wislied to attruot her atteution, or for somo other reason llubert coDii managud to turn the pon. versation to the sul'ject of itornau 'u rif'hts, and the old doctor and ibe young pnrsou were sooti hurliug nt one auother ill the stapla, and uow soinewliat utale argumeuts ibout wornan' iitneso and woinuu's uiifiiimss for ini.ny tliings. At lust, poi baps becauBu lic wtia a little oornerod Hubirt sh4 ! "Now, doctor, tliere was ■ qneer tliing happcrjcd to a student iu my claus in tlie eeuiinary. I dou't tsuppose, dootor, t'üiit mi arü muoh interested in a love story, but I would just. ke to teil you tiiis üuu, bccuutio I hink you daV'e not ipply "ur principie to it iu evcry pari. Theories olten ftiil wLeu prac tioally applitd, you know." "Go mi, Hu, go on; l'd liji totear tho story. Aud sa fór niy principies, they'll bear applyi anywhere!" and the old doctor rubbed hishauds togctbcr contídently. 'filis friend of niiue, Henry Gilbert," said Hu, "was, like myuelf', poor. A long time sro, wheu he was a boy, tho son of u poor widow, the lot o which he ti ved joined at the bacL tip' lot on whicL liveil a Mr. Mortoú, ai' that timo u thriving ui'.rcliaut, uovv the principul cnpitnlist iu tiiut part of the 'country. As thore was a baok gute butween tbe Iota, my frieod wa tho cocstant playuiülo froui eurliesi childhood of Jeunie iuit m. He built her playiiojes out of uld boards, he inoulded clny bf cks for her use and carvtd tiny toys out of piue liíotks for ln-r atuuscuieDt. As he gicw iarger, and as Jeuniu' fathcr grew richer, and carne to live in greotor style, IJcnrv grew iKore sliy. But by uil the uri'spoketi latiguügo of the eyes the two iieviir failed to uiuke their ULchunging renard kuown to each other. "Henrj' went to cullego early. At vacnlioi) time tho two met. But the growing differeuce iu their social positiou could but be felt. Jecnieis frieuds cere of a different ace 'fruufl Lis own. Her jiarents never thouiibt of iuviting li ín to their CDtertainmcDts. And if tli' y liad, a ruety eoat aud a lack of mouey tu spend on kid gioves wouid havo effectually kept bina away. He wag proud. This appureut negleet Étnng liim. Itis Irue tlial Jeunio Morton au all the more kind. lint his quiok and foolieh pride mudo him fmicy tliat he detouted pitv ia ïior' lcindness. And yet a;l ílús ;,i:ide liiiu delerinined to place himseif in a position iu which he could ask her hand as her equal. But you do not unieratarul, dtor, as I do, how irresistible is this convictioD of duty iü regard to the ministry. Uuder that prensare vay íiieod etiled it that he must preach. Aud ■, ow thero was bel'ore him a good teu years of [iovtrty at least. VVU,.t ghoulu ho do pboat "In his extreniity Le took advica of a favorita theologioal profefsor. The professor advised liim not to seek thé haad of a rich girl. She woul.d not be sitedj to the triuls of a saitiister's life. But finding Ihat }lei.yy was fir;;i n bis opiuion that tfíip aound general piiaeipie dii not q tho least npply to this particular case, the professor proeeeded to touch the tenderes! chord in the young iuiui's hcart. He told him that it trould be uugcneruus, and ia some seuso dishouorabl'j, for biin to tako a wuraan delicately biouglit up ulo the poverty and trial incident to a uiinister's lifc. Iíyou uudurstand, sir, how tnorbid tlás eense of honor ií, you would not wonder at the uipreasipu this suggestion iuad.o upon him. To give up the uiiuistry wau iu bis tiiind to be a traiior to duty and to Qod. Tq win her, if ho could, was to treat ungeneroasjy Ler .wboBO happinasa. wag dear to hiiíi a ihcusand times more Cüau uw own. "I hope he did ao.fc give iier up,"said the doctor. "Yuh, tic gave her uj, in a áouble spirit o inediicval eelf-sacrifioo. LookDg toward the uiinisiry, he surreudored lii.f love, ambi'.i'n, and all other thintc to oo:ihi-ii'iice. Looking at her bappïuess, he eacrifietd bis hopea in a more tliaa knightly devotiou to her elfaru. The kuighis svinetimcs gave they1 lives. He gave more. "l''or threo jears he did not traet himselfto leturu to liis home. But haviag graduated aud settled himstlf for uioe moüths over a churcb, there was no rctison why he shouldn't go tj see liis mother again. And ouce o the yilace the sigtit of the old fchool-hou;-e and tue o!d cli 'i'ch revi ved a thousaud memories that ho had been endeavoring to baniüh The garden walks, aud es;ecially the apple-trees, that are the most uuchaugeabie of landmarks, jeyivöd tho ioLd pussion witli uoclimioished power. He paued his room at uight. Ho looked out at the oew house of his rich aeigh bor. He chafed uuder tLe restraint of his vow net to thin}: again of Jeooio Morton. ït was the old story of tho' uiouk who thiuks the world subdued, but who fiuds it all ut once about to aesume the mastery ot him. I do not know how the struggle might have onded, bul it was all al once stopped fcrom without "ïherc reached bitn a rumor that Jeuniu was alroady tho be'.rothed wife of Cplpuel Pcfirson, wlio was hur fatber's partner in imtsiueBS. And iudeed Colonel Pearsoij went in and out at Mr. Moi ■tnn's -gate cvcry eveuing, aud the. falhor was known to fuvur hls suit. ''Jyuiiie was not engaged to him, bonrever. Th ree times tfhorefused him. The fourth time, ia deference to her fat Ik i's wishes, she had consented to 'think about it' for a week. In truth, Ueury had been huie .uu diijs and had uol callcd upon her, and all the hope ütiejiüd cherished in thnt direction, and all ttie woary waitinjj ecemed iu vain. Wheu the eolonel's week was nearly out, she hcard that llcury wan t,o loavc iu two days. Ld a soit of despenuien she dttenuiued to acoept Coionol Paarson without waiting for the time appointed for lier answer. But that gentleman spoilüd it all by his owu ovcr-couüdence. "Fur when he called, after Jeunie had dotormined on this course, Jiefoud her so full of kindnesB that he hardly knew how to hehave with raoderatiou. And so he feil to fiattering her, and hininelf at the same time that ho knew all the ius and outs of a girl's heart, he complimeoted her on the niany offers the had receivcd." " 'And 1 teil you what,' he prooecded 'there arp plenty of othera that would lay tlibir licud? at your feet, ii they were only your cquals. Tiicro n tLat young parson, Gilberf, I think túey cali him, ""tbat is visiting liiu mother, in the unpaiuted 8id tbreadhare looking little house ihtl stands tmliind tliis one. I've uctuallv sosii thut fclluw, in his rust}1, muty coat,btop and look afler jou in the street-, and eyerj pigLt, Vheu' I go home, ho is'iit'ting at ths window that looks over this way. The poor foo! is in love with you. Ouly think of it ! And I eliuckle to inyself when I sec hitn, and Huy, 'pion't you wisli you could reach so high !' 1 declare, it'd funny." "Iu that one speech Colonel Pearson dashed bis chaucei to pieuea. He could not account for the uuddeö return of winter in Jcnuio Morton'H m.inner. And all h'm nuM„liiue wiih poworlets tó dicpel it. nr to bring back the least upproach of spring. "Poor Jennie! Yon can irangine, doctor, how she puccd the tioor all that uiuii(. Sfis begau to undorjtaud somethiufj oi tbe'courage of Hcnry Gilbert's heurt, and eomething of the iuaulinees of his motives. A1 niglit luug ehe viij.chud the light buiuiug iu the room in (In; wid.)w j house; and all night long she dekated the matter until her head ached. She could reach but one conclusión ; Heury was to leave the tlay after to-morrow. If uny communiuatiün Bhould ever be opened betwecn them, sho must begin it. It was as if 8uo bad sneu liim drifting awuy furever, and inu-t throw hiin a rope. I think even such a wouian's rights man as yourself would hatdly justify her, however, in taking any Mtep of the kind." " l pertaiuly sliould,'' said t}ip doctor. " But ahe could not fioii a way - she had no ropo to throw. Again the colonel, meaning to do uny t li mi; else but that, opened tho way. At the breakfast-iable the next moiniuj; she received froui biui a lusgnihcent valenline. All at once she huw her method. It was St. Valeotinti'rt day. Tby topo was in her hand. Excusing üersell fruiu break(utt ehe hastened to nor room. " To gend a valentine to the faitliful lover was tho upperuiost thoughl. But bow ? Slie date uot writu her name, for after all, she niight be mistaken in 'count ing ou liis love, or {ha niïyht offund Lis prejudices or bis pride by so direct au approach. She went fumbliog iu a drawer for htationery. tehe drew out a ï ti lo pin h at tuut Heory had whit tled for her manj yuars efore. He had lanicd it ' Hope,' but the combinad wisdom of the litile boy iiudgirl could uot suoceed in spelling tbe nunio correctly And turo was the liMIe old bont that he had given, saying ótfea afterward tbat it was the boat they tw were going tö sail in soiae day. The ruidspelt name had been be 8ubict of mauy a laugh betweeu them. Now - but I uiustu't be sentimental. " It did not take Jenn'e long ti draw an exact likeneej of the littlo craft. And tbat there niisjiit be no mistuko about it, i-he Fjtelled the name as it was on the pido of ihtt boat : " ' il pap.' " Tbe-c woa not anothcr word in the valentiuo. Sealiug it up bhe hurried out wiih I, and droppod it in tbe postoffice, No uierchant, sending all bis fortuues to sea iu one frnil bark, ever watched tho departure and trejybled for rocult of the vèuturö ag Jje did. Spaiu dul not pray half so fervently when th inviucible Armada saüed. Il was au unuttered prayer - an nnutterable prayer. For beart and hope wore the ladiug of that Hule picture-boát that s%iled out that day, with no otjipr iind but hur wishes iu i t,j sails. ''Sliesat down fitter win,dow until she ea p.cury jGilbert pas the next street corner on his morniug walk to tha pobt office. Tbreu minutes after, ho went home, evideDtly i a great state afi esiteinont, wilb her valentine opeu in hls hand. Alter a while he went blok again toward the post office, aud roturned. Had he taken a rcply ''. " Jenuie again sought the offiue. Tbere were peopla all around with those hideous things that they cali comió vr.lentines open in tbeir hands. Ahd tb'ey actually seemed to 'think thein funny ! She had a reply. It did nut take her loüg to find her room and to open it. Thero waspnpiher picture of a boat, but thé name on its tido reud ' Despair.' And these worda were added - ' Your boat is tbo pleaeaoteNt, but uuderetauding that there was no vacant place upon it, I have .boen obliged to take passage ou tbis.' 'ïxowly tbe meaniug iorced itselfupon her. Henry had iearg t,'::i: slio wlioui he thought engaged was coquetting with him. I thiuk, doctor, you wiü hardly justify her iu prooeeding further with the oorreipondenco ?" '' VViiy not ? Hasu't a woman as uiuob' right as a man ? and wben the Bociul advautages are on her side, the burden of inakiug the advances oitcu falls upon her. Slany woraen do it indirectly and; are not ceusurcd." " Well, you know, Vw coqservative, doctor, but I'm glad you're consistent. She did eend another valentine. I am afraid chu strajned tbis figuro of speech about the boat. But when everything in the world depends en ene metaphor, it will not do to bo fustidious. Jenuiu drow again the ! i tile boat wilb misspelt name. And this time slie added fïve worde: 'Tbe niast r'g place is vacant.' "And quite late iu thu afternoon, the reply was left at thu door : ' I am an applicant for the vacaut place, f you will take that of tnaster's mate.' ;' "Good,"cried the doctor; ''I always advocated giv4na; woi#an every liberty in theee mattere." .■"But I will stump you ycf, dootor," said Hubert. "That evoning Gough was to lootuiu in the Villago, and uiy fiiend went, not to hear Gough, but to nee Miss Jennie Morton at a dintaucu. Somehow, in the stupefactiou of revivt'd hope he had not thought of going to the houso to see her yet. líe had pustponod his departure and had thrown away his ccruplos. Koowing how much opposition he would have to ooatond with, he tbought, if' be thought at all, he must proceed with caulion. But soine time after tbe lecturo bogan he discovered the Morton family without Jennio ! Slowly it all dawnod upon him. Bho was at home waüiui for him. Ho wís ucar tlio Iroiit oí ihe ehurch in which the leoturu was beid aod every ioch of aisle was full of people. To get out ws not easy. But &b he thought of Jennio waiting t beoamo a matter of Jife and iwit,i. K the house !i;,u Loon on fire I lie 'i ui:! have been more intcnt ou i unikiiig lus exit. Ho rüuolied the door, he passed the happel eveuiDg of his life, unly to awake to sorrow, for Jenuie's fathor is 'deud set' agaiust tbo matoh.1' ''lio has no riyht to iuterfere," said the doctor, vehemeritly. "You L00 I stand by my principies." "But il' I teil the story out I am afraid you woul'd uot,!' öaid Ilubert. "Why, isu'l it douo V "I beg your pardon, doctor, for having U8UU a lililí! uraft. I had ;..'.icli at Htake. I have diaguiaud thia ttófy in its details. Uut it is truc, I ain the hero The doctor looked quickly tonards hi daugbter, Her heatl we,a beut luw over her book. lier lpug hair huuj about it like u curtain, shuUuig out all view ol tho face. The doctor walked to the other wiuf'.ow aud looked out. Hu hert sat like a inummy. Aftcr a minute Dr. Hood Bpoke. "Coruulia 1" Slie lifted a face that was aflamo. Tears glistenotl in Jier ejes, and I doubt uot there was a prayor ia lier beart. ''You aro a brave girl. I bad other plans. You have a right to choose for yourdolf. God bleis you both. But i i's a great pity Ilubert is not a lawyer. He picuda wcll." So sajip.g be put oq his bat and waiked out. This is the conversation Ilubert repeatod to mo that day sitting in bis own üttlepaiBonageat Alleimlle. A minute afier bis wifa came in. Slie hád been presoribing for the minor aihneots of Boma poor Doigbbora. She took the batiy from her crib, aud bent over her till that same long hair curtaiued tnothcr and t'hild froui eïirht. "I tlijnk, ' éhid Hubert, 'fthaí you ! i folks who wi te love torios inake a I grcat mistako in stopping at uiarriage. The houcymoon novor truly begius uolil conjugal affoction ia enricbed by this holy partnership of loving hcartg in the liíe of a duld. The climax of a. lovu Lto,-y ig gt hü vodding. It is the buly!" " Wbat do you cali her ?" I asked. "Hope," said tha niothor. "Hope Valentiue," added the father, with a siguiGpaut siiile. i'Aod you spell the Hopo with an 'a,' I believa," I said. "You naughty Hu," said Mrs. Cornelia. "YouVo been telling. You tljuk tliat Iovj story is interetsting to other.s beyause yov enjoy it so inuch' -


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