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Michigan Apples In New York

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At a rpcect ecasion of the American Instílete Farmers' Club, Ihc piesidtnt's tab'a was brilliant with a fine disiilav of apples. Dr. Triroble prrsented eight or ten varicties, including the Northern Spy, Ppitzenberp, I;l:ode Ii-!nnd Greening, Tallmau's Svvceting, (ïilliflowers, Bellcflcur, and Scek-no-further, remarking that smh apples can be booght at the stands all over tonn at low rates. He sai'! apples have ot beeu so plenty, or so pood for mnny years, wliich indi cates that the opinión eo widely prealcnt, that the r.pple tne has dögenerated is a mistake. Tliere was a culL-ction frotn Hill.-dale, Michigan, sent by Byron Archer. They ïad been Eome tine on the road,and the larger ones were B'iphtly decnycd, but excellent quality, and of uize and color unuaual in th fruit of tha Eaniern Ptajes. They exci;ed much attention Mr. Archer wrote in regard to them : "I am sorry I could not eend & greater variety ; but the seasomvas too far advanced for this. As to the kind whieh succeed beet here, Grecnings nnd BaAwins nre inost profitable. Spitzenbergs, Northern Spy, Roxbury Busspts, do well eome jears, bul ara not to be depended on. Wo have a new kind that ia going to do well, the Tulapahocking, a good bearer, large fized, üdo lookiDg. Thoso who meet the greatest in raising apples, cultívate tbeir orchards ia they do tbeir corn-fields, and manure them with wood ashes and barn yard rennure. Old orchards do very well when seeded to clovor, au 1 nmuured aroimd he trees, ncd the hog sllowcd to do tbc cultivating. I can teil by the way a farmer's ajiples look, when he eomes to markut, huw he bas taken care of his orchards. Prutiing is generally done here iu the Spring, bcfore the trees leuve out."


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