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ATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, O THE ÜNÍTED STATES OF AMERICA, "Washington D. Oé OLI ARTERED ' CASH N" "-M PrÓ H DIT A T l'ECIAL ACT OF CONGRESS WWBèS J Ai 1 1 ALl July 25 1808. , $1,000,000. BRANCH OFFICE, PHILADELPHIA. ■ o CLARENCE H. CLAEK, President. JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance i& Executive Committee. EMERSON W. PEET, Secretan & Actuary. Cash Capital nnJ Acfcürüiilatlous, Jan. 1, 1871, about f 1,800,000. Numbr of Policies Usued In the two yfcafs of the Company's BxlstenciB) 12,865. Araouut of Iusüraabfc, 131,650,312. Annual Premiums, 11,178,033 43. CHÉ LEADING STOOK C0MPANY OF THE C0ÜNTRÏ Whose Distinguished Features Are : Che Stock Pla. ow Rate, All Cash Premiums. i Paid up Cash Capital of $1,000,000. &. Contract, Simple, Definite, and Easily Understoöö-. k. POLICY CONTAININO EvERYTIIING PkOMISED BY THE CöMl'ANY, AND FftEE From Unnecessary Restrictions. Applications for Agencies or for Folíeles may be made to GENKRAL AGENTS '0B MICHIGAN, NORTIIERN INDIANA AND WESTERN ONTARIO. OFFICE 156 JEFFERSON AVENUE, DETROIT. With the new year the Company extends its protection to its new patrons by issuing a more liberal policy than heretoiore, containing fewcr restrictions on occupation, residence and travel, which is designed to meet the deinands of the times - Americans being proverbially a traveling people. The insured are by its policios pcrmittea to travel or reside in any part of the world within the Températe Zones, without the troublesome necessity of procuring a pertnit, or the imposition of an extra charge. - No rc8trictions are imposed upon occupations, except upon the few which are recognized as specially hazardous. The new Special Non-Forfeiting features ju6t adopted will etill more increase the well known popularity of the National, lt is a modification of the Massachusetts Law, but shorn of its disadvantages. A few examples will show the difference between the Massachusetts non-forfeiture law and the Plan adopted by this Company. By the Massachusetts Law a policy, issucd at age 45, premiums for life, after ö annual payuients, will remain in force 4 years and 306 days after the payments cease ; but the unp%id premiums with interest at 6 per cent. arepermitted to ie deducted f rom the policy if it becomes a claim before the expiration of the Term Insurance. By the Special non-forfeiting plan of the National, the same kind of policy at sarat, age, after 5 animal payments, would be cxchanged for a paid tip Term Policy cxtending 4 years and 73 days ; and should the insured die beforo the expiration of tilat time, the fuU ainount of the policy would be paid. In the case of a ten annual paymont Ordinary Life policy, issucd at age 40, after 5 annual payments the Massachusetts Law gives Term Insurance for nearly 14J years - subject to deductions of uupaia premiums as before stated. % Suppose the insurcd dies just before tho Term Insurance expires, bis premiums, $61.GS (on $1,000) at 6 per cent. int. for 5 years (to the end of the teu years) and interest continued till the fuurteen yeara expire, will amonnt to $560.40, which, dcducted from the amount of the policy, will leave $439.60 actual insurauce. The same kind of policy, in the National, at the same age, and costing only $46.45 per $1000 for the ten years, after 5 annual paymente, would be exchanged for a paid tip Term Policy, for tho f all amount of the original policy, oxtending nearly 12 years. The same Special non-forfeiting features applied to Endowment insurance, resulta still moro in favor of the policios issued by the National. (See examples of the workings of thiB plan as applied to Endowments in the Company's Kate Circular.) The foregoing illustrations are based upon cash premiums - the premiums in the National are always cash ; most of the Massachusetts Oompan ies allow a choice of all cash or part note or loah. Had the illustrations been calculated upon the loan plan (varying from 30 per cent. to 50 per cent note) the rcsult would havo still fnrther favored the all-cash, nonparticipating rates of the Stock Plan of insurance as practiced by the National ; the outstanding notes, with interest, in addition to tho unpaid premiums being deducted frora the amount of the policy. In addition to this Special non-forfeitins: plan, the National still retains its formor plan of non-forfeituro of giving paid-up policies for proportionate amounts of the original policies. llio insurer must elect at the time of making his application, upon which plan of non-forfeiture he will bare his polio; written. The choice cannot be made at tho time of surrender or chango; W, W. WHEDON, and CHAS. E. LATIMER, Agonts at Ánn A.rbor. 1306tf fo


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