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A Chapter On Fowls

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CePicigattrgus The Dominiqtfe and Game, or either of tbeüi crossed on othcr breeds, make the best fowia for all doraestio purposes We have had the Black Spanish, Poland Shanghai, Brahma, Griiy Dorking,Game, llominique, and other varieties. The Black Spanish wcre too Binall atid tendur, thongh good layersi The Polands wo got rid of as soon as possible. The Shanghai ran 'to legs and consilmption.' The Light lirahuia is a fine fowl, with considerable action, and is a very fair egg prodacor, but not a first class hatcher. Tho Dark Brahma is a perfect b ast. Twenty-five Dark Brabma cocks would if fed all they could eat, consume in odo year one hundred bushels of oom. Wo ir&fe some now that eat fally as utrch as our turkoys. ïn order to try tho capacity of one of theso foreignere. we weigbed hitn wheü liis orop was empty, then fed him and weighed him again, and fouud that he had consumed almost a half pound of florn. In five hours he was ready for ancrtlier feed. Tlie Oray Dorking cioïsed on the Domiuiquo made the most dooilo and best egg-producing fowl we have ever had, and their flesh is unsurpassed. Thoy are large enough, yet not clumsy. Wc have a rooster now of this cross that vreighs nine and a balf pounds. The dfêss rieSrly four pounds eaoh, are piump and short-legged. Wo havo Games crossed on Black Spanish that ara fine laycrs and make the best of mothers, though rather small ior the table We keep theui, however, to batch and flBtrr sbickens. Tho Domioique is almost equally good if kept in its purity, but crossed with the Game stands No. 1 as a brood hen, but any othcr cross diminishes its vulue íh this respeet. A dash of gnme blood o cotisidter lo be essential in producing extra setters and mothers, for none can compare with the Game for nctivity and iudustry in providiog food for the chicks: and woe be to the youngster thst attemp-ts to strangle the little ones. Tho battle is ahvaya "short, Bharp and decisive." In conclusión we would sny that, for farmers livmg north of the 40th paral lel of latlludc, we koow that the DomifliqUe and Game aro tho best fowls to keep, i. e, for all purposes. If we lived in Maryland, aud especiully on the 'Eastern Shore," we would keep the ■SjHiDish for its eggs alone. Wheu turIteys are difficult to rear, the Dark Brahma ought to be introduoed on account of its size ; for ChriBtmas diuners it is a fir substitute for the formi-r. We havo tfne that at five months old weighed eight pounds ; and then they possjes this advantage, that they cannot fly four feet high to roost until tbey are full grovtn. -


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