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Decoration Day, May 30th

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The duty we owo to the racmory of tlm rave mon wlio laid down thoir lives to reserve the union of country, and vhoes remams layin on r cemet arles, ought ot to be forgotten. Whlle we are onjoy n;; the pence and prosper'ty they fonght or, we oiiglit not to begrudge ono day in year to keep fresh in our mlnds thcir lorious deeds by decorattng tkelr graves vith onr cholest flowers. Wlio TTill move i tliis matter? Suc. 3. F. Coxovf.h, editor n-=liicí of the Idtertiter and irUmne. and the oldest ouroalist In continned service in Detroit, ubüshed his va'.cdictory a few days s'.nce, cconiDany'ng tlie same witli a sketch of In' journalfl now taerged in tliat from vlilcli lie retires. We wish Mr. Conovku bnndant snecess In tlie ncw Held of labor o whicli lie has boen cal led - the ministry f the Episcopal Cliurch. Spcuking of tlie logal tender decisión, New York TVíbuñe, Badioal, says "it njurns the poor many, and puts immense ums in the pookete of the rich and flourihing few oorporations." To be sure it oos, andthat iswhy it was made. Two f the judges wcre interested in railroad orporatioiis, wliicli havo large amounts f bonds outstanding, payable in gold. ?hoy can now jjay thern. in greenl);ii!;s, lms repudiatmg a portion oftheirinebtediiiss.


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