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What Women Want

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What wonien in civilizefl countries most want is magnanimity. Mon of high miuds are constantly disappointed when they find this lack of the juagnanimous revealmg itself in tho character f soms vromen who othcrwiso seem so admirable. But rnen thomselves have hitiuito, in Europe espccially, so ahuped and liiuited the moral training of womon as to reuder magnanimity a virtne of aJbaoat iinpossible attainnicmt. Tho erron ui' wönicn are, in tlioir dogroo, ahnost iiiways the conunon cri'ors of sorvitudo. But thero is soniuthing more than that. Tho wholo training of womanhood is directed to the culture merely of oue virtue. It is not indispensablo nor oven necessary to a wonmn's honor and repute that she should be truthful, or genorous, or bonoñeent, or jravc. She has no need or inducement o cultívate the magnaninious qualities. Society only asks hor to be chaste. If you cultívate but one flower, you cannot have a parterre. In days not far from our own, a man was only ciilled on to bc truthful and brave. IIo might be as ferocious and volupluous as he choao ; therefore his common vices were ferocity and profligacy. Women aro commonly trainee! even now to believe that so long as thcy are virtuous, it is not requisito that they shall be sincero and iimgnanimous ; thereforo their common dofects


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