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Painting "black" Eyes

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JEethetio lónginga may, perhaps, be gatisfied with a passing glanco at tbc pictures in Goapü's or Schaüs's winCtóvs, Wát thoro is a cLarm about a particular srgn in Chatham square whieh absolutely riveta tho attontion. Nu illustration from tUüaiia, can have a more strikinr effect. There stands portraycd, withih the iistie ring, two uoblo brittc.-; sparring away, with potato-like tuberculose coufiguration of heade, tho grogginess wonderfully hit oíF, the eros especiouy showing tliose peculiar iridescent tints, the ïesults of their many calling. Under the héroes runs thig logend: "Blaok eyos made natural in ten minutes." fc. As a question of social statÚtÚM, we tear it nevor can be Batisfactorily aacertained how many black eyos are administered deifly to tho inlmbitants of Xe'.v York. If rv,n ve eau arrive at a tabular statement, tien niay we hope gomo aew Bucklc will be forthuoméig who ttay found on it some imposing theoiy, tfaffowing fresh lights on the eivilization of this great American Jtepublie. It is presumable, howover, reversingfor oneo thetrue ordei of politieiil economy, tlint since the supply of black evis was luilimitcd, a demand must havo arisen for some ready method oí' ooncoaling the fortuitous adornment of the human face. " Is it a regular business we asked of the manager of the establishment. "Are jrour artistic talents often called into play r" "Evcry day, ir. This neighborbood would be entirely lost without me. I have a constant increase of oustom. My pallet is always in deiuand. From j)raotice I havo acquired that certainty of touch, that delicacy of handling without maniiiirism or stiüness, whith is the petfection of art." " What is the price of - of-" "Of oblitüiating these accidental hues which sometimes disfigure thc human face divine? From ono dollar to fifty cents, aecording to tho customer and thc nature of the bun,." " Bung ! what ih a bung ?" we inquiretl. " A bung eye. For one dollar I all the subtle ties of my art. First thero is the ground-work to be nicely nsorted to the complexion, then comes in the flosh tinte, the umbres and the shadings. Sometimes, sir, I have been ïo happy in my effeets in restoring an injured eye, that I have absolutcly eclipsed the sound one, so much so that I have boen foreod to work np the good eye in order to restore the balance of effect. I have been paid $2ü for what was my best miniaturo work. The eyo belonged to a very nice gentleman in Wall street, who saíd he had aceidenfcilly fallen on a curb stone - broker. Fi 'y cents is my charge for rough6 and politicians. I average about ten eyes a day. Monday is mostly a busy day, and the erop comes in from Saturday and Sunday. St. Patrick's day brings a perfect harvest. A political roception of an ssemblyman from Albany ahvays keeps ne busy. I set my pallet especially for he Germán peace jubilee, but would you cliuvo t, sir, lt was a dead loss of time nd material ? Those Germans have not ie slightest idea of how to enjoy theinelves in a rational way." " Do women ever come to you?" " Frequently, sir ; always closely veiled. have boen sent for, too, in the most mysterious and romantic ways, in a carnage, to repair female damages." "Of course," we remarked, "nobody ver carne with a black eye in a legitímate way?" " Hardly ever knew a case, sir. Mostly s kindling wood that does it. It is mazing how spiteful kindling wood is, nd hcw it will fly at a raan's head when ie tries to split it. Base ball, too, sicms ;o have a particular liking for the human ountenance. Pumps and posts and gas amps ought to be instantly removed, 'rom the tendency they have to black nnocent peoplo's eyes. In a protty careul diagnosis of the disease, I think I may afely say that I nev(r yet met with a larty whcro the primary causu was cnuckles." " Is it a cash business?" Impossible to conduct it othcrwise. Sometimos, after the picture is painted nd varnished, the nioney is hard to get. f the party goos back on us, we usually sk pennission to add one finishing touch. 'his we put on witli uu extra daub of 'russian blue, which quito destroyg the jenoral harmony. VVo oan't afford to loso he nioney, and can't ullow partios to get ,ho better of us." " Do our colorcd brothren cvor cali on 'OU f" " Novor had a case. That race, sir, is ibove thoSe distinotions of color. You may swcll tlieir hoads, but their complexon never alters. If we had a branch in iberia, it could not iuake a living." The reporter left, almost regretting ;hat his opties rerc in their nornial cotdition, so surc was ho that had thoy boen n mourning, his ft-iond would not only ïave restored, but boautified thom. "We ïave ovory reason to prido ourselves on ïaving in our niidst a niaster hand in tbis nost necessary branch of decorativo art.


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